Nargism, "the belief in Narg" originated sometime in the 4th AGE. It was based around the tenets and stories contained within the Book of Narg. The book itself is long lost to history but two central tenets remain.

Those being:

  1. Narg Smart
  2. Narg no hurt
There are many diverse opinions from religious scholars on what the tenets actually mean. The consensus opinion is that "Narg" is a metaphor for ones self. So the tenets would be:
  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Do no harm
The minority opinion is that Narg was a central figure in the life of the near mythical Dragon Reborn.

They base this on an inscription that was carved into the wall of a cave in Australia's outback.

When the Heron meets Narg, The Dragon will take flight

They claim that this proves that Narg was a real person and that he helped Rand al'Thor become the savior of mankind and that the tenets should be taken literally. Most people dismiss them as crackpots. An even smaller fringe group believe Narg wasn't human at all, but a Trolloc!

Nargism is in no way endorsed or acknowledged by The Jordan Estate.

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