Narg's Top Ten Wheel of Time Fan Creations of all Time!

There has been some great unofficial fan created content over the last 30 years, so Narg decided to rack his brain to make a top ten. This is just Narg's personal opinion and no doubt there is some stuff that Narg hasn't seen or has likely forgotten due to old age, but Narg is sure you'll pipe up and let him know what you think should have been on his list...

List will be chronological(Narg's best guess) from earliest to the latest newfangled thing:

1. The Wheel of Time FAQ

The WOTFAQ was the go to place for any new fan that found their way into the online fandom in the late 90's early 2000's. The oldest version Narg could find still viewable was on the internet archive from 1999 updated to include Path of Daggers.

Everyone should of course read the "Who Killed Asmodean" section...


While WoTmania wasn't Narg's preferred forum for WoT disscussion(that was the official Wheel of Time Game Forum located at it was his backup, and Narg did spend a bit of time there... Narg was sad to see it go.

The answer is clearly Balthamel...

3. The Theoryland Interview Database

Buffy Narg can accept...but Angel?!? Anyways, while Narg rarely visited the theoryland forums, the interview database is one of the best WoT resources on the planet. 

4. Flight From Shadow

WoT fan movie "Flight From Shadow" chronicles the events in the "Four Kings in Shadow" chapter from The Eye of the World. The production values for this are amazing INO. While not perfect, it shits all over the "Official" Winter Dragon...

5. Fable Blades

One of a kind custom WoT blades by Brendan Olszowy... photos say it better than words...

More at

6. The Art of Gal Or

There has been some great WoT art over the years, but the first to truly blow Narg away was when Gal started posting sketches to Instagram while he read the books. Here's a small sample...

7. Interactive Map by

You can follow along chapter by chapter the path the characters took, find out information about the different towns and nations and no doubt more cool stuff. You can also filter by book to avoid spoilers...give it a whirl at! Best viewed on computer.

8. Talk'aran'rhiod: The Wheel of Time Showcast

With the Wheel of Time TV series in production, quite a few podcasts and YouTube channels have popped up to cover the show. There be lots of good ones, but if Narg had to pick one to go into the cookpot...Talk'aran'rhiod would be it...

They've finally decided to make the Wheel of Time into a television show! Listen to Joe, Jen, and Tom as they discuss the fantasy book series's long-awaited adaptation. They'll cover everything including the latest news and try to answer the question of just how will Amazon adapt this massive 14-book epic. If you love the Wheel of Time as much as we do, join us. But beware: spoilers abound!

Give 'em a listen at

9. Wheel Talk with Recappa Sedai

Read and reread WoT a million times already and need a new way to experience it? Well Recappa has you covered. Try the sample below!

Wheel Talk is a comedy show for fans of The Wheel of Time. Recappa Sedai recaps, Delves, and celebrates the books by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Videos are split into spoiler-free and spoiler sections, so first-time readers and long-time fans are all welcome!

10. Jak o' the Shadows by Karyn

Not the jaunty marching song from the books but an amazing haunting cover of it.

Of course an honourable mention must go to the amazing(totally not biased) fan fiction by Narg that details the true events of Winternight... 

You can continuing reading it... bad grammar and all.. >HERE<

That is all. 

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