The Daily Trolloc (EotW Edition)

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of The Eye of the World. With the show coming in the near future, Narg thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the art that fans have created based on the book over the last 30 years. For good or ill, if the show is successful, most future art will be based off that version of The Wheel of Time. So take a walk down memory lane with Narg...

**All art is used entirely without permission(as per Trolloc guidelines), but Narg has attempted to credit all artists and provide links to their sites.**

WoT - Lews Therin Telamon
1: An Empty Road

Quarry Road

Stranger on the Road by AdamMasterman

3. The Peddler


4. The Gleeman

Thom Merrilin Colored by jtendollar

5. Winternight

6. The Westwood

7. Out of the Woods

WOT-Unused Emonds Field shot by ChaseConley

8. A Place of Safety

9. Tellings of the Wheel

Shadow of Dragonmount by Kitsune-gari

Dreams of the Dragon by Shenku-Netsou

10. Leavetaking

Related image
Can't beat a classic! By D.K.Sweet

11. The Road to Taren Ferry

12. Across the Taren

touching Saidar by Audore

13. Choices

Image result for the eye of the world cover art
Baerlon by D.K.Sweet

14. The Stag and Lion

Image result for ba'alzamon

15. Strangers and Friends

Queen's Blessing - Min Farshaw by endave
Min Farshaw by Endave
(yeah the artist got the Inn name wrong)

Image result for padan fain

Image result for whitecloak wheel of time
EotW Graphic Novel

16. The Wisdom

Image result for James Beveridge Wheel of Time

17.Watchers and Hunters

18. The Caemlyn Road

19. Shadows Waiting

Image result for shadar logoth

Shadar Logoth by liruichen

20. Dust on the Wind

21. Listen to the Wind

EotW Graphic Novel

22. A Path Chosen

23. Wolfbrother

Graphic Novel?

24. Flight Down the Arinelle

Eye of the World ebook cover art by David Grove

25. The Traveling People

26. Whitebridge

27. Shelter From the Storm

EotW Graphic Novel

28. Footprints in Air

29. Eyes Without Pity

30. Children of Shadow

31. Play for Your Supper

32. Four Kings in Shadow

33. The Dark Waits

34. The Last Village

EotW Graphic Novel
35. Caemlyn

36. Web of the Pattern

37. The Long Chase
EotW Graphic Novel

38. Rescue
EotW Graphic Novel

39. Weaving of the web

40. The Web Tightens

41. Old Friends and New Threats

EotW Graphic Novel

42. Remembrance of Dreams

EotW Graphic Novel

43. Decisions and Apparitions

EotW Graphic Novel

44. The Dark Along the Ways

45. What Follows in Shadow

46. Fal Dara

47. More Tales of the Wheel

48. The Blight

49. The Dark One Stirs

50. Meetings at the Eye

51. Against the Shadow

just kidding...

52. There is Neither Beginning Nor End

53. The Wheel Turns
EotW Graphic Novel

Narg got lazy and relied on the graphic novel a tad to much. Narg is sure there is art out their for the chapters he used it if you remember some, leave a link in the comments and Narg will add it. 

You can buy the Graphic Novel here -  (not a referral link)

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