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Filming on the first season of The Wheel of Time has wrapped for the year, and the cast and crew have scattered to the four corners of the planet to spend time with family and friends for a little rest before once again heading back to Prague to brave the Czech winter... so Narg thought it would be a good time to recap all the news that has dropped since filming began on September 16th.

Quick note before we get started: All the photos featured in this edition are from cast or crew members and were shared on social media on a public setting or from news media. Casting is from official announcements, casting agencies, and actors putting WoT in their CV's(since removed in most cases).

First up...

The Cast!

Tam and Rand al'Thor

Natti, Bode & Eldrin , Mat and Able Cauthon

Perrin and Laila Aybara

Egwene and Marin al'Vere(Marin not confirmed)


Moiraine and Lan



Padan Fain


Alanna Sedai - Priyanka Bose
Alanna's Warders - Ihvon(Emmanuel Imani), Maskim(Taylor Napier)
Master Hightower - Pearce Quigley
Eamon Valda - Abdul Salis
Unknown role - Daryl McCormack
Unknown role: Stuart Graham

Now for the people behind the show!
The important ones anyway...

We have know for awhile that Uta Briesewitz would be directing the first two episodes, but since filming began two more directors have popped up in Prague...

We also have a composer for the show...

Directors of Photography - David Moxness, David Luther
Costume Designer - Isis Mussenden
Visual Effects Supervisor - Karen E. Goulekas
Makeup Effects Designer - Nick Dudman
Hair and Makeup Designer - Kirstin Chalmers
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins

Filming Locations and sets!

So as mentioned, filming began on the 16th of September and Rafe released this nice little video to mark the occassion...

Filming started out in the Czech Republic in The Two Rivers...Jocab here was the star!!

I always try to remember and remind myself how lucky I am that I get to walk through Emond’s Field with Moiraine and Lan and Egwene and Trollocs and sheep -Rafe
After that there was some filming in Slovenia...

Napoleon Bridge on the Nadiža River

Soča River


Velika korita Soče

They then headed back to the Czech Republic and thanks to local media we have some locations of where they have filmed...

The wheel of time is turning, ages come and go, leaving memories that turn into reputation. This is the framework in which the spectacular fantasy saga of The Wheel of Time takes place, in Czech. They found scenes for her in Chomutov. They were filming in the church of St. Wenceslas in Vysluni. 
"They filmed here in a single day at the end of October, but the filmmakers were preparing the church for a month," outlined the mayor of Výsluní Ladislav Kareš. “They shaded the stained glass windows so that there was not so much light coming in, they placed grilles on them and placed a wall some thirteen meters high in front of the altar. The space looked exotic, as if it were in India, but it was more styles, ”said the mayor.

Czech Switzerland was occupied by filmmakers these days. At the local rocks he shoots scenes into the American film The Wheel of Time.
It's a story from a world full of magic. "We arrived on Thursday and we should be here by Saturday," said one of the members of the crew who directed tourists on the road at Dolský mlýn. When asked what attracted Americans to shoot scenes north of Bohemia, he answered, "They were intrigued by the rocks and nature."
The Wheel of Time is one of Robert Jordan's most read fantasy sagas. This proves 90 million copies sold. The film is shot in US-Czech co-production.

In Ploskovice, where people from the National Heritage Institute on Thursday informed journalists about the figures for the previous season and the offer for the upcoming Advent period, filmmakers were preparing to shoot footage for the series Wheel of Time in American production. The flaps will go live on November 19th.

Brandon Sanderson paid a visit to the set...

The Way of the Leaf

Possible Tinker Wagons

Possible Tinker Camp

Possible Tinker Costume

Excuse the poor photo's, Narg had to zoom in. Will no doubt look much better on TV.

Filming is expected to finish mid May, and while there have been some reports that the show will air in 2020, Narg would advise not taking that as a given. Wait until Amazon announce an official release date before getting excited and booking days off work😄.

The next photos are possibly of the Emonds Field set. If you want your first view of EF to be perfect, scroll past and wait for the show to come out and experience it the way Rafe wants you to! But if you can’t wait...

While Narg believes this to be a Emonds Field set, he could be wrong. Narg's belief is based on the set being in use at the same time that Rafe indicated that they were filming in EF, there appears to be Tabac drying on the left, the village has decorations up for some kind of celebration/festival and the Inn like structure has a tree with tables under it, which partially fits the WineSpring Inn description.

Other Titbits grabbed a license to create some show merchandise...
In October we signed a license with Sony (the producer of the series) to produce weapons, armor, jewelry, statues, and angreal (magical items) from the show.
If your wondering why a Game of Thrones merchandiser will be selling WoT stuff... the parent company of Valyrian Steel is Jalic-Blades. They claim to be the the #1 licensed sword manufacturer in the world and hold several licences for other TV shows. There will no doubt be a WoT specific site once the show starts.

The Witcher fansite REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE discovered a little nugget on a production agency website(which they don't name) about the number of episodes in season one...

Without knowing the source, we can't be sure how accurate this is likely to be, but eight episodes does line up with a speculative timeline Narg put together on how long they took to "break" the first season, and recent Amazon originals, The Boys and Carnival Row both got 8 episode first seasons. The current speed of filming also seems to point to this being accurate, so it's likely true.

Speaking of breaking episodes...

Rafe later clarified that he wasn't saying that season two had been greenlit, only that they were writing it. Whether this was Rafe just covering his arse with Amazon, we can't be sure, but The Boys and Carnival Row, both got season two renewals before they premiered and their LotR show has also been given the season two go ahead even before they started shooting season one. So it's highly likely we will see at least two seasons of The Wheel of Time.

Hrmm Narg thinks that pretty much covers most of the news...Narg would just like to thank all the people that took the time to send Narg a message when he retired from posting weekly updates. Twas much appreciated! While Narg won't be returning to posting weekly updates here, he has returned to posting stuff he finds on his subreddit and instagram accounts. So if you need a bit of Narg in your life, that's where you can find him...

Have a Merry Christmas(or whatever) and a Happy New Year!

Stay safe and don't feed the humans who give Narg's Troll friends a bad name!

*Cauthon graphic purloined from Matrim.c on Instagram

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