The Daily Trolloc - The End of the Line

This is just a quick courtesy message to let you know that Narg will no longer be covering The Wheel of Time TV show. Narg apologises to the few people who only source their news from The Daily Trolloc. Narg has given his time and money freely to covering the show for the past three years due to his love for The Wheel of Time. Alas, over recent months, Narg has allowed other peoples actions and comments to get under his skin, and sap his enthusiasm for doing so. Narg took the last week off to re-evaluate. These things shouldn't be getting under his skin as much as they have, therefore Narg has come to the decision that it is best for Narg to walk away. Will Narg be back? Unlikely, but Narg never say never.

It's been fun, and here's hoping the show is as good as we all want it to be.


Social media accounts will be inactive, and Narg will not be monitoring them.

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