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Weekly Issue 104. (No art, budget cuts...)
Wheel of Time TV News
A bit of casting speculation this week, as well as a 2nd Cinematographer joining the team...

Lets get to the speculation first though, as that's the juicy bit before this weeks #WoTWednesday...

It all started with this post by ExtraFilms, a Prague based Extras casting agency:

Basic translation is that they are looking for a person to be a "Stand In" for an Asian actor, on a show code named project "W".

So what's a "Stand In" and why is project "W" relevant?

From Wikipedia:
A stand-in for film and television is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting and camera setup. Stand-ins are helpful in the initial processes of film and television production.
Stand-ins allow the director of photography to light the set and the camera department to light and focus scenes while the actors are absent. The director will often ask stand-ins to deliver the scene dialogue ("lines") and walk through ("blocking") the scenes to be filmed.
Stand-ins do not necessarily look like the actor, but they must have the same skin tone, hair color, height and build as the actor so that the lighting in a scene will be set up correctly. For example, if the lighting is set up with a stand-in shorter than an actor, the actor might end up having his or her head in relative darkness.
Project "W" is believed to be The Wheel of Time TV show. This is based on the following quotes from ExtraFilms:(sorry about the translation)

July 28th:
we are looking forward to a brand new great fantasy project that will be spinning from September to may (unfortunately we must not say the name
August 16th:
For the filming of the TV Series USA "w" (currently we can't reveal the real name of the project
August 20th:
This Autumn can already wait for you to shoot alongside real film stars and you will also have the opportunity to be in the creation of a new tv American legend - Game of Thrones, we're preparing something similar and big, but we can't reveal more For this moment just project "w"
August 27th:
At the moment, we are starting to gradually costume exams on 2 BIG USA projects, spin starting from 16.9. and end until mid may

They posted the above image with the last post. They have been openly casting extra's for season two of Carnival Row, so the other project is "W", which they have described as an American Fantasy show as big as Game of Thrones and filming from Sept-May.

While it can't be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that project "W" is The Wheel of Time, on the balance of probabilities, a reasonable person would INO conclude it is.

So they are looking for an Asian male to stand in for an actor that will be on WoT. They also included this photo with the ad:

Most people ignored the photo...taking it to be a random image. Speculation mostly focused on the stand in being for Lan or one of the other Borderlanders. A few people pointed out that the photo was of Choi Si-Won/Siwon Choi/Si Won Choi, a Korean actor and K-pop singer and that perhaps he was the actor that the stand in was for...

This seemed a bit far fetched to Narg, as he agreed with the people saying the stand in was probably for Lan, and well...that photo doesn't really scream Lan...and if it was Lan, the extra's company shouldn't have been revealing such a major casting before an official announcement. Mistakes do happen though, so Narg couldn't rule it out.

This would have all been an interesting blip on the speculation radar and soon forgotten accept for one thing...

Note the last line

Both Rafe and fellow WoT writer Amanda Kate Shuman started following Siwon on Instagram the next day. Sarah Nakamura, the shows book consultant also followed him on Twitter. 

While coincidences happen, it's a tad beyond belief, that all three of them suddenly became fans of his, just after his photo is used on a WoT casting ad...

Therefore only two things are possible INO. Either they decided it would be fun to mislead us all... or Siwon has been cast in the show. Misleading fans in this manner would be a shitty thing to do, so Narg is going to believe the latter.

But just in case Narg has misread the WoT team, Narg checked to see if Siwon was actually available to be cast.

Siwon's last acting gig was in My Fellow Citizen, a Korean show that aired this year. From what Narg has read, it looks like that may have been a one season show, and no second season is planned. No other shows are listed as in-development or in-production on his IMDb profle

He is also a member of the K-pop group Super Junior, and they have a few concerts coming up in September and October.

If we go back to the casting notice, the stand in was required on the 16,17 and 18th of September, and then there is a 6 day gap until he's required again from the 25th - 27th. So with first concert on the 21st he has plenty of time to fly to Taiwan, perform, and fly back. The next block of filming appears to be in Slovenia from the 2nd - 5th of October.

Then presumably back in Prague from the 9th -11th, then a three day gap before filming from the 15th - till the end of the month, with more dates to be advised in November. The two concerts in Seoul, do fall into the three day will be tight getting there and back, but it is possible(Narg checked flights) if he only does a half day on the 11th, so that doesn't rule him out. 

So yes, he is available(just) based on what Narg has been able to find.

That leads us to... who has he been cast as?

While no doubt most of the people reading this have never heard of the guy before, he is a big name in Asia. He has nearly seven million Instagram followers and nearly the same amount on Twitter. His profile dwarves that of Pike in their respective regions. He has an estimated net worth of US$36 million.

Siwon, though unknown to most of us, is no small fry. INO, if he has indeed been cast, it will be in a major supporting role. The number and frequency of filming days the stand in is required for, also indicates that the role is not a minor one. 

INO, this really only leaves Lan. While Siwon(33) is 13 or so years younger than book Lan, and a lot less stone faced looking, this doesn't automatically disqualify him. Making Lan a bit younger TV canon wise(say 38-40ish) is no biggie. His past history would still make sense, and having him closer to Nynaeve's age, eliminates some of the ewww factor of having them as a couple onscreen. Makeup and a more serious look will also make him appear less boybandish...

Siwon in Dragon Blade

Other suggestions Narg has seen are Ingtar Shinowa and Logain Ablar. 

Ingtar, only has a very small part in EotW at the end, so if season one only covers book one that would rule him out. Even if season one covers all of book two, where he would appear in more scenes, Narg doesn't believe they'd be filming scenes from book two at the beginning of filming. No doubt someone is now saying "yeah but Narg they don't need to shoot in order". While this is true to an extent, Narg not buying it. Having said that though, Igntar does play a significant role, and a short stint in the show may suit Siwon's busy life more than an a extended one.

The Logain speculation has gained traction...and seems mainly based on people ruling out Lan due to age and look, and that Rafe said...
"I really like Logain and plan to not only retain, but expand, his role in series."
Now, Narg will admit he has an internal bias that he just doesn't "get" the fascination/obsession some seem to have with he may have a blind spot...but extrapolating what Rafe said into meaning that Logain will become a major or a significant supporting character, seems a bit far fetched to Narg. But then again Choi Siwon as Lan seemed far fetched to Narg just a few day who knows?

Narg thinks that of all the names he's seem thrown around over the last few days, those three(in order) seem the most likely. Hopefully we won't have to wait long to see whether or not this speculation has legs, or if we've been played...

In other news

Discussing Films reported that David Luther had joined The Wheel of Time series as a cinematographer. While Narg has not seen this verified anywhere else, Narg believes that this site just reports what they read in Production Weekly. All five of the shows they mentioned in the article had an update in the latest issue. So assuming they haven't misread what was in that issue, this looks legit, though it's a bit odd that Luther gets revealed but Moxness, who Narg reported on back in July, doesn't get a mention.

Anyways if you read the article that confirmed Moxness was working on WoT, you'd know that having two cinematographers is not unusual:
Like many episodic television shows, Whiskey Cavalier used two cinematographers who alternated episodes so that the directors could work side-by-side with a cinematographer while prepping.
So who is David Luther, and what has he done?

Bio from his website:
Based in London, David is an award-winning DOP with a huge string of highly successful and critically acclaimed television dramas to his name.
He was born in Munich to Czech and Slovak parents and studied cinematography first at the prestigious FAMU university in Prague, then a further three years at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield where he graduated with First Class Honours.
After making his name in commercials David moved into primetime television drama.
Luther has worked on Das Boot, His Dark Materials, Sherlock and Black Sails. You can see clips of all his work on his website.

The September results for Narg's bi-monthly sentiment poll are in:

One year on from the first poll, and we are basically back to where we started...go figure...

ExtraFilms aren't the only casting company in Prague working on WoT...

General Wheel of Time News

The Dusty Wheel a WoT call-in talk show announced that they be doing weekly episodes from the 4th of  September...

YouTube Link

Need more WoT inspired music? Rasmus Mollan HΓΈgmo has got you covered:
Big fan of the Wheel of Time, so I figured, why not make some music to capture what I'm feeling when reading the books? Well, here we go!
Goldeneyes is my theme song for Perrin Aybara and is inspired by his experiences through the fourth book, The Shadow Rising. An absolutely amazing book! 

Featured Art

Be sure to check out his Instagram for a close up and time lapse of the drawing.

That's it for another week, fingers crossed for a great WoTWednesday! Whatever happens, this is the month the cameras start rolling!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜±πŸ˜

P.S. "Lan has blue eyes" Narg need to tell him...πŸ‘€

As always, you can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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