The Daily Trolloc (101)

Weekly Issue 101. 
Wheel of Time TV News
The big news last week, was... there was none! The first Wednesday of the month had almost passed before Amazon decided to let fans know that there'd be no #WoTWednesday news/titbit/surprise as scheduled.

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As you'd expect, this effort got mixed reviews from fans...

On the plus side, the wait for next months WoTWednesday will be shorter and hopefully this weeks announcement will make everyone forget about last weeks effort.

Some took the above quote as Amazon just making an excuse for not delivering, others took it as a clue as to what the announcement this week will be. The quote is from Moiraine when she first meets Rand and Mat. Lan is also present in the scene, and people have been suggesting that we might get casting for one or all of them. Time will tell.

Disclaimer: These picks by Narg are just actors that follow KVH Casting on social media, or have been previously cast by them and who Narg could see working in the role. It's just fun fan casting, with a tad more realism than picking A list actors.

For Narg's last fan casting effort, Narg will take a shot at his arch nemesis...Rand al'Thor!

Narg's first effort at casting Randy was Murray Fraser...

While Narg still thinks Murray would do a great job, Narg decided to take another crack, this time applying the KVH Casting filter...

Art by tinting by Narg

From the top we have "baby faced accidental Trolloc murderer" Rand, then serious "this job sucks Rand" followed by...ummm "Narg just threw that shot in for eye candy" Rand.

So who is this baby faced, Trolloc murdering piece of eye candy? 

He's a 6'2" blue eyed Danish Australian model/actor, who has a playing age of 18-30 yrs. You can view his showreels on his website

Of course Rand may have already been cast, but if he hasn't, Narg would invite Nick to sit in on his casting cookp couch...

Hope you enjoyed NargCasting...from here on out, only real casting!😊

General Wheel of Time News

Sylas Barrett took a look at "What it Means to Be Ta’veren"
So the question on everyone’s mind—and by that I mean, the question that has been on my mind—is just what it means to be ta’veren in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Though the first three books in the series are no doubt just a drop in the bucket compared to the complex development that is to come, these three novels have laid out for us a basic understanding of what the Wheel of Time is, what the Pattern is, and the role of ta’veren within the Pattern. As Rand, Perrin, and Mat are slowly learning what it means to be ta’veren, we the readers are confronting many of the same questions. So even though I imagine I’ll need to revisit this question in a few more books-worth of time, it still seemed a good moment to sit down and ask, just what is a ta’veren, anyway?
Mandarb was spotted in the park taking Lan for a ride...


Petr Nikolenko crafted a Seanchan helmet for himself:



You-tuber and first time WoT reader "Novel Paperbacks" took a crack at analysing Mat from the first three books:

Narg out!

As always, you can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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