The Daily Trolloc (99)

Weekly Issue 99. (Art by endave)
Wheel of Time TV News
Another week with no show news or rumours to report. Thankfully our fearless Casting Director gave us some joy this week:



It's great to see Kelly showing off her knowledge of the series and that she takes the time to interact with the community. 

Related News

Amazon released the details of who's working on their Lord of the Rings prequel by putting out a flash video:

Granted we already know who the important people working on WoT are, but it would be nice to see some of the online marketing effort that is going into LotR  headed our way... Amazon also reached out to the shows fan run sub Reddit, and posted the above video there first. Will be interesting to see if Sony/Amazon plan on doing something similar with, the official facebook page or r/WoT. 

Amazon also renewed Carnival Row their Victorian age fantasy for a second season before it's first season debut. 

The first(Narg thinks) Wheel of Time podcast focused on the TV show will be launching next month:

Hopefully they'll have some juicy fresh casting news to talk about...

General Wheel of Time News

Tor arn't the only ones launching new WoT covers in October. The Spanish publisher will be putting our a new edition of The Eye of the World:


EzraWestveil on YouTube made a neat trailer for the show: Has a slow start so give it time...

Featured Art

That's it for another week...The 100th edition of the Daily Trolloc will be out next week. Hopefully there will be some show news to report, but if not Narg will have to think up something special...

You can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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