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Weekly Issue 96.
Wheel of Time TV News
Rafe answered five questions about the casting of Rosamund Pike for the first monthly #WoTWednesday. If you missed it, you can see the all the questions and answers >>HERE<<.

Narg found this bit interesting:

Narg just wants you all to remember that when the following is announced!

Image result for peter dinklage rosamund pike
Lan and Moiraine!

A bit of lighting, a wig and hair dye will turn Dinklage into the iconic Lan Mandragoran...So no bloody whinging about him not being tall enough! Oops sorry, that's the casting for I Care a Lot...

Seriously though, Narg may be reading to much into that comment, but Narg gets the feeling that Rafe was telegraphing that the cast that's going to be announced over the next month or two isn't going to resemble most peoples "head canon" for the characters. The important part though is that they will make efforts to get that "Iconic look". So if they happen to cast a Nynaeve with a "pixie" cut, just imagine a big pot of glue and a wig...very strong glue...

Cookpot Gossip!

There was two bit of hot goss around the cookpot this week...

The first was that David Moxness flew into Prague to start a new job that he's not allowed to talk about. Why is that important you say? Well "The Mox" is a Cinematographer aka Director of Photography(DP). That's a key position for any TV show or film.
A director of photography is often brought onto a project by the producers or on recommendation of the director.
The DP is needed early and often in the production process, as he or she is instrumental in deciding on how to interpret the script and make cinematic style and tone decisions. Once thematic styles are fleshed out, the DP will work to put together crews (or whole departments) for cameras and lighting. (source)
Narg did some research, and The Mox worked with Uta Briesewitz(The Director of the first two WoT episodes) on the CBS Pilot Alive earlier this year and also on Lethal Weapon in 2017. So she is familiar with his work, and may have suggested him to Rafe. Narg has also been informed by people who work in the industry that Moxness arriving now for a September start date of filming, would be about right. There are also other connections that Narg won't go into, that lead him to believe that there is a strong possibility that David may very well be the first Director of Photography for The Wheel of Time.

So on the off chance that Narg is on the money, here's a bit about David "Moxy" Moxness:

Image result for david moxness

A dated bio can be read on his IMDb page.
His start in the film industry came, as he likes to say, "at age 11; no, not as a child actor promoting the latest cereal or fancy new toy, but with his father's 8mm camera". David made all kinds of home movies growing up. Many "productions" were very involved requiring scores of neighborhood kids and "raiding" his mother's makeup cabinet to acquire the necessary materials to fake a black eye or mix a jar of "stage blood". No one will ever forget the day the dummy was thrown from the cliff and the "neighbour lady" called the authorities thinking someone had fallen! As everyone got older it became more difficult to convince friends to be actors on screen. Inspired by many animators working for The National Film Board of Canada, David turned to making animated films. With friends, David made a plastacine animation called "The Salesman". Their hard work paid off and in 1978 were awarded first place in the British Columbia Student Film Festival.
List of recent TV shows he's worked on:

Smallville, The Listener, The Kennedys After Camelot , Fringe, Revolution, The Tomorrow, People, Graceland, Forever, Minority Report, Dead of Summer, Lethal Weapon and Whiskey Cavalier.

You can see clips of these shows on his website to get a feel for his style.

The second bit of hot goss, is that Amanda Kate Shuman, the writer for Episode two, and most likely Rafe's 2IC, has joined him in Prague. Unfortunately Rafe worked her so hard in her first week there, that she fled to Croatia in need of respite. Not sure where exactly, but perhaps she split to Split! If she did, perhaps she checked out "Shadows Waiting" aka the Diocletian’s Palace and the old Roman ruins that are around that area of Croatia...Might work in a pinch for Shadar Logoth...

Image result for The Golden Gate of Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian Palace

Image result for The Golden Gate of Diocletian's Palace

Disclaimer: These picks by Narg are just actors that follow KVH Casting on social media, or have been previously cast by them and who Narg could see working in the role. It's just fun fan casting, with a tad more realism than picking A list actors.

This week, Narg outsourced casting to his Twitter followers. Narg gave them the following two actors to cast:

Mikaela Welton and John Booker

You can view Mikaela's showreel >>HERE<< and John's >>HERE<<, if you want to play along.

For Mikaela, most people went with Egwene followed closely by Nynaeve. Narg not so sure though...

Mili Skane anyone?

If you need your memory jogged, Mili is the Dark Friend sent to kill Rand and Mat on their way to Caemlyn and who later becomes Lady Shiaine. 
sharp-featured but pretty. Her face is delicate but vulpine. She has glossy brown hair that she brushes to glossines and hangs below her shoulders, and big brown eyes. There was no warmth in her face; it seemed to lack feeling.
For John, like many other people, Narg's first thought was Mat. But then someone mentioned Aram and well, that's all Narg could see. Narg can certainly see why Perrin wanted to knock that smile of his face...

Agree, disagree, see someone else?

General Wheel of Time News

Coming to a town near you...well Lexington SC...

Coming to a T-shirt near you...

Featured Art

Cya next week...hopefully! You can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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