Rafe's, Rosamund Casting Q&A

The Wheel of Time writers' room Q&A was limited to five questions about the Casting of Rosamund Pike as Moiraine. Here are the questions and Rafe's answers:

Question 1: 
What was the clincher in your talks with Rosamund that made you go "Yes. This is Moiraine"?
There were two. The first was the moment I heard her voice on the other side of the phone and it truly felt like Moiraine’s voice.  Almost instantaneously.
The second was after she spoke about Moiraine’s mission and what it meant to her as a character, how it affected Moiraine’s life and how she sees those who she cares about. It was 100% clear she deeply understood Moiraine and the forces that drive her.

Question 2: 
How many people did you look at potentially playing Moiraine & what made Rosamund stand out above all the others?
We swung for the fences with Moiraine. We said, for this character, any actress on earth is fair game. And we were inundated with women excited about playing her, from household names to Oscar winners. After the phone call with Rosamund, though, I simply knew it must be her.
Question 3:
How much emphasis will the writers and showrunners place on actor's physical traits with the characters? For example, Rosamund is significantly taller than Moiraine. Will the show use angles and gimmicks to show Moiraine as being short, or will we just let Rosamund be Rosamund?
I’m of the belief that my most important job is to bring the truth and heart of these characters to life. I’m much more concerned about acting than physicality. I remember being a kid and seeing Hugh Jackman would play Wolverine and was furious - he’s 6’3” and Wolverine is 5’3”!!
To me, it was against the very core of the character that he would be tall. But the truth is, when I saw X-Men — of course Hugh Jackman was Wolverine. It’s so much more important to me to get someone high caliber who embodies the character than a perfect physical match.
Plus there’s a lot we can do with wigs and dye and lighting to still achieve the “iconic looks” of the WoT characters.  I think #Twitteroftime will be happy when they see it ;)
Question 4: 
What accent will she, and by extension other Cairheinians (perhaps?), be using?
Good catch! This is something we talk about a lot. I’d like to build the accents around the lead characters from that place (Rosamund’s perfect RP for Cairhien, our Lan’s accent for the Malkieri, etc). To me it’s always about getting the best performers in the key roles
Question 5:
Of all her amazing qualities, what was the biggest one that makes her Moiraine to you?
In truth? It’s her acting. And that’s not a cop out answer. So much is asked of this character throughout the series, and I needed someone who is truly one of the world’s best to pull it off. And luckily for all of us, we got her.
That's it!

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