David "Moxy" Moxness - Wheel of Time Cinematographer

Narg has found confirmation that the Cinematographer/Director of Photography(DP) for The Wheel of Time is indeed David "Moxy" Moxness.
Narg was pretty confident when he mentioned Moxy in the last edition of The Daily Trolloc, but didn't have conclusive evidence to call it confirmed. The above quote is from a postperspective.com article(worth the read) on David back in June.

Not sure what the Director of Photography does? Have a read of this article from Premiumbeat.com. It relates to movies, but from what Narg can gather, the role is pretty much the same for TV.  Here are a few quotes:
When it comes to defining a film’s overall look and feel, very few play a greater role than the cinematographer. To shape a film’s visual aesthetic, the DP must have a very deep knowledge of cameras, composition, lighting, and film history. He or she also will be called upon in many other parts of production.
The DP is needed early and often in the production process, as he or she is instrumental in deciding on how to interpret the script and make cinematic style and tone decisions. Once thematic styles are fleshed out, the DP will work to put together crews (or whole departments) for cameras and lighting.
While the DP may not always do the physical drawing by hand themselves, a cinematographer must still painstakingly go through the film’s script and create visual representations for every individual shot. The storyboard, combined with a thorough shot list, will lay out the film in its entirety so that the director and producers can schedule and plan the production.
Be sure to check out the full article.

As you can see, the Cinematographer will play a major role in how The Wheel of Time will look and feel, when we see it. So who is this "Moxy" guy and what has he done?

You can read his IMDb bio, which covers his life and career up to 2008 >>HERE<<.

His more recent work includes: From IMDb

Whiskey Cavalier (2019) 6 Episodes
Leathal Weapon (2016-18) 18 Episodes
The Kennedys After Camelot (TV Mini-Series) (2017) 4 Episodes
Forever (2014-15) 8 Episodes
Graceland (2014) 11 Episodes
The Tomorrow People (2013-14) 13 Episodes
Revolution (2012-13) 10 Episodes
Fringe (2011-12) 16 Episodes
The Kennedys (TV Mini-Series) (2011) 8 Episodes
Smallville (2006-2007) 13 Episodes
Dead of Summer (2016)
When the Bough Breaks (Movie) (2016)
Minority Report (2017)

You can see samples of his work on his website >>HERE<< if you want to get a feel for his style.

Moxy worked with Uta Briesewitz(The Director of the first two WoT episodes) on the CBS Pilot Alive earlier this year and also on Lethal Weapon in 2017.

David arrived in Prague this week and will no doubt be getting down to business with Rafe as soon as he gets over his jet lag😃

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