Wheel of Time TV set to Film in Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia

KFTV.com have reported that The Wheel of Time TV show will be filming in Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia:
The lengthy shoot, which will run until May 2020, will have its production base in Prague with further location work set for Croatia and Slovenia.
We have known about Prague for awhile now, but this is the first report of other locations.

Here are a few snaps from Rafe's Instagram from a trip he took to Slovenia in 2017: These snaps are just examples of Slovenia. Narg is in no way indicating they are potential locations for the show...but that Farmhouse sure does look familiar...

We don't yet know if season one will include parts or all of The Great Hunt, but if they need a coastline and a harbour, Croatia has several that could work.

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Related image

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For more info about the show, check out Narg's "All that is known" information page😉

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