The Daily Trolloc (94)

Weekly Issue 94. (self portrait)
Wheel of Time TV News
A little bit of news happened this week...Rosamund Pike was announced as Moiraine, and Brandon Sanderson was confirmed to be acting as a consulting producer. Narg also got a job offer!

Jakub Chilczuk (IMDb) also got a job

Unfortunately Narg can't take up the offer from Kelly, as he was already headhunted to cast The Lord of The Rings prequel...Narg is currently casting Danny DeVito as Sauron or Saruman(Narg always gets confused with those two...)...either way, the fans will love it!

Narg Commentary on Casting reactions:
From what Narg has seen, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive...There were a few "I'm moving to Canada!" type reactions over Rosamund's height, but generally even people who had a problem with that were won over by the calibre of the pick. Hopefully moving forward, people will continue to be able to look past physical appearance and see potential...

Anyways to help with the adjustment here is some Rosamund Sedai inspired art:

Narg's Speculation Corner:
The rats of Prague finally made a long overdue report to Narg. According to them a team from Little Island Productions visited Prague a couple of weeks ago for a meeting. According to the rats(notoriously unreliable), the Little Island people were very excited to be making the trip and acted like first time tourists. 

Narg found this interesting. We know Little Island are providing some type of production service for the show. Narg speculates that if they were providing said service in Prague, they would have already made the trip enough times not to be overly excited by it. Therefore Narg is speculating that there may be some filming done in the UK. All of Little Island's productions(their own or just providing production services) except one, have been in the UK. Of course they may be providing some other service unrelated to locations and filming. As with all speculation time will tell. Narg thought he'd just give a little bit of hope to fans in the UK hoping to be an extra. 

There has been a lot of talk recently about how Amazon will release the show. Will they follow the binge or weekly model? Talk is good, numbers are better...Narg poll it! Here are the results:

Interesting result. Unfortunately the current Amazon model is to release its Prime Original Dramas all at once. Other shows such as American Gods are released weekly, but that is because Amazon only own the streaming rights, and the show airs on a weekly basis in its home market. For those who want it weekly, best bet is to hope that data starts to show that the binge model is not always the optimal model. The Grand Tour does air weekly, so there is some hope.

This week Narg is going to follow his own advice, and look past physical appearance: Adrian Scarborough

Image result for adrian scarborough curtis brown

The obvious choice here is Basel Gill...but as Narg is looking past physical appea...phftt who is Narg kidding...That's Basel Gill our favourite Innkeeper of The Queens Blessing!! You can watch his showreel on his profile.

General Wheel of Time News

Nae'Blis hosted a fun game of WoT trivia based Jeopardy:

A good way to brush up on your WoT trivia before the next JordanCon!

Computer Aided Crafting has been showing how he rebinds books in Leather over on Instagram:

Like what you see and want one? Head on over to his Instagram page for more details.

Remember this scene?

Another week down! You can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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