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Weekly Issue 93. (Art by Michelle Tolo)
Wheel of Time TV News
Line Producer Nina Heyns has been added to the Wheel of Time IMDb page.

As you can see, that's an impressive line up of shows. So what does a Line Producer do? Narg couldn't find a TV specific job description of it, but as Nina has worked in both Film and TV in that position, it is probably similar to the following:

Rafe is back:
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The first casting Rumor has surfaced! (Thanks Megan😊)

Turkish website Bankiniz sent out the following tweet:

Rosamund Pike in the leading role eh? Presumably that would be Moiraine and not Rand based on the current shows synopsis...😜

Lets take a look at Rosamund:

Image result for Rosamund Pike

Related image

Rosamund Pike posing for the camera: Rosamund-Pike

Off the bat appearance wise, the only thing Rosamund has in common with Moiraine would be her pale skin. At 5'8" or 174 cm she certainly towers of book Moiraine(5'2") and her usual hair color doesn't match either. Hair and Height can be changed or ignored though, so that may not of been a big deal in the casting criteria. Her age(40) is about right.

Is she available?

Her most recent TV show is State of the Union(2019), in which she was one of the two leads. It appears that was a one season gig though as it looks like if there is a season 2, it will be with different actors.

IMDb has her in two shows/films that are in pre-production. The Banker's Wife in which she is currently listed as the only cast member, so presumably the lead, and I Care a Lot, where she is staring alongside Peter Dinklage, which starts filming this month.

"The Bankers Wife" was announced last year. Narg could not find anything since then that suggests it may be moving into actual production, so that may not be a problem. As to "I care a Lot"...

These are only averages but going by the above, the filming would have to be a fair bit below the average filming time for it not to clash with the expected start date of September for The Wheel of Time. That's certainly possible, so Narg wouldn't say this rules her out.

Narg's conclusion on availability... Yes.

Her previous work:

Pike has predominately been a movie actor. Here's a list of some of her previous work.

A Private War (2018), Beirut (2018), Gone Girl (2014), Jack Reacher (2012)

In 2019 she was Nominated for Golden Globe for  Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for A Private War.

Interesting titbit: Radar aka Ted Field and Mike Webber, were one of the production companies on Beirut so there is a small connection to Wheel of Time related people.

Rosamund Pike certainly has the acting credentials INO, appearance wise not so much, but until she is in costume and made up, it's hard to tell how well she would fit Moiraine.

That leaves the source of this rumor. Can we trust a tweeted rumor from a Turkish website? Seems odd that they'd be the one's to hear the rumor. Nothing against Turks, but Narg wouldn't have thought they'd be the one's in the loop. Narg has no idea about the reliability of these guys, but they have been around about 12 years, so they do have experience.

So based on all of the above, Narg gives this news the following rumor rating:

Plausible but don't get carried away!

It may also be possible that some wires may have gotten crossed in translation, and "The Leading Role" could be "A leading role" which could mean she may be playing someone else. We'll have to wait and see.

Update: also reported this rumor. It's unclear who posted it first and whether or not one is just reposting the others rumor, or if they both heard independently of each other. Recapped does have some history of being reliable.

Update 2: Thanks to Olga in the comments. Recapped posted the rumor half an hour before Bakiniz. Seems likely Bakiniz were just re-posting the rumor with some embellishment, but strangely less specific?
Rosamund Pike is rumored to have been cast as Moiraine in the Wheel of Time TV series. Still no word on who they’ve cast as Egwene and Nynaeve. -recapped
General Wheel of Time News

Fantasy Fan Dan compares WoT to GoT:
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Speaking of Mat...

That's it for another week. Narg casting will return next week, unless there is an actual casting announcement between now and then. You can see all available information about the show by CLICKING HERE.

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