Kelly Valentine Hendry - Wheel of Time Casting Director

The Casting Director for The Wheel of Time TV series is...

Kelly Valentine Hendry

IMDb lists Kelly as the Casting Director, Lilly Hanbury and Cole Edwards as Casting Assistants and Alex Irwin as Casting Associate.

Kelly is based in London and has credits for The Last Kingdom, Extinction, Fleabag, Broadchurch and Harlot's to name a few. You can view her full IMDb profile >>HERE<<.

UPDATE: KVH Casting have updated their website to list Wheel of Time as one of their clients, and have added an email for submissions!

On March 4th, Kelly posted the following photo to Instagram while on a plane, which could indicate how long she has been on the job.

KVH Casting's website is

Now all you aspiring actors and extra's have someone other than Rafe to bug😉 Her website has a "currently casting" section, so you may want to keep an eye on it for when "open" casting starts.

Thanks to Reed for the heads up!

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