Uta Briesewitz - Wheel of Time TV Director

IGN have reported, and it has been confirmed by Rafe Judkins the Wheel of Time showrunner, that Uta Briesewitz has been chosen to direct the first two episodes of The Wheel of Time TV show:
Briesewitz is no stranger to high-concept genre offerings - she directed the best episode of Westworld Season 2 - the poetic Kiksuya, which followed Ghost Nation warrior Akecheta's journey to consciousness - and has helmed two episodes of the upcoming Stranger Things Season 3.
She's also directed episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and The Defenders, plus Altered Carbon and The Deuce, so we can't wait to see what she does with Jordan's magical landscape.
Other notable credits include: The 100, The Wire and Orange Is the New Black.

You can see Briesewitz' full IMdB credits HERE.

Briesewitz is highly experienced and as you can see has worked on some great shows in the past. Narg excited!

Rafe had this to say on Twitter:
Another #WoTWednesday that’s not at all on Wednesday, but is worth the 6-day wait.  Welcoming Uta Briesewitz to the team!  She’s incredible and visionary and can pronounce Nynaeve like she was born to it.
Sharon Tal Yguado, the Head of Genre at Amazon Studios also chimed in:
She is totally badass and has an incredible vision for #WOT!
Here are some interviews with Briesewitz you may find of interest:

How much do you rehearse before a scene?
With episodic television you don’t get the luxury of rehearsing with the actors beforehand; you rehearse the day-of. I always have a plan for how I’d like to shoot things, but that plan is completely fluid, and could change at any second. I adjust any scene that needs to be adjusted to make it work for the actor, because only when it physically and in every way logistically makes sense to the actor can they do what they need to do it the right way.
I’m a big believer though in shooting the first take. When words are being said for the first time, it impacts the actor in different ways than the fifth or sixth time. So especially with digital photography, why not roll the camera? If you have it, you have it; if it was great and you didn’t roll, you just mourn that you didn’t get that great first take.
 Do you have any favorite genres, or genres you would like to try?
Genres that re-create the past or look into the future, and apocalyptic genres, put me into a world that I wouldn’t get to experience if it weren’t for all the incredible artists that are needed to pull off such visions. As a cinematographer on such projects, I consider it an honor to be the one who gets to capture these worlds. 
Q: What was it that influenced your decision to become a cinematographer?
UB: I was always fascinated by images: I was a visual learner. As a child, I would only read books with pictures in them because the pictures often would grab my attention more than the written word. For me, taking things in and truly understanding them meant to see them. As a teenager, I was fascinated by Italian Neorealism and the French Nouvelle Vague. My interest in images led me to painting: observing and studying light, color and composition. My parents always supported that interest by taking my siblings and me to museums and art shows. So, for me, the struggle in deciding what to do was between being an artist and trying my hand at filmmaking. I chose the latter because I feared the isolation -- something I was already experiencing -- that comes with being a painter. I enjoyed working with others, so cinematography and the film business was the perfect creative environment for me.
Looks like a great pick! Scratch that...this is a Nargtastic pick!!!!!!😉 Narg was sold at the mention of The Wire!

What we know(officially): 

Status: Greenlit "Pre-production"
Network - Amazon Prime Video
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Assistant to Rafe: Patrick Strapazon
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal
Book Consultant - Sarah Nakamura
Episode Length - 1 hour ~
Episode Titles - 101: Leavetaking, 102: Shadow's Waiting

Not officially confirmed:
Filming Location: Prague(Czech Republic)
Filming start date: September 2019
Writers: Justine GillmerDave Hill

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