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Weekly Issue 76.
Wheel of Time TV News
Rafe missed his weekly Wheel of Time Wednesday post this week completely...which is fine, as we are lucky to have any fan interaction from him at all this early in the shows life...but...and there is a but...if you are going to set a weekly time for fan interaction, and have people waiting out on said interaction, it's only polite to let them know if you're skipping a week, instead of leaving them hanging. Yeah it's not the end of the world and he may very well have a good reason/s, but manners matter.

Narg's advice to Rafe, delegate WoTWednesday to either the Writers Room, to Sarah or take turns. Many hands make light work. That or not have a set day anymore, just post when you can.

Wednesday wasn't a total bust though, as the boss of Amazon Studios had this to say at TCA19 in regards to WoT:
We’re building an incredible team. We’re focusing on making it our creative best — so we don’t have a specific timeframe for that series.
 Celine Song also shared this titbit in an interview:
Wow, what a story. You also do some TV writing right?
Yeah. I write for a show called Wheel of Time. It’s going to be on Amazon, and it’s a fantasy series sort of like Lord of the Ringsor Game of Thrones. The world is very big, but the room is small: I only work with a few other writers, and everyone is really amazing.I’m having so much fun, and I think our show is going to be really good.
In related news

The Lord of the Rings Amazon spinoff, launched their social media presence with a map:

Narg was of the opinion that WoT would be out before LotR's, as Rafe had the jump on the LotR's showrunners in terms of writing, but given that Amazon are now actively promoting the show, Narg not so sure anymore. If Amazon do push out the LotR's prequal first, that INO is not good for WoT in terms of trying to attract a big enough audience to get a second season, and in when we we will actually get to see it.

One of the metrics Amazon use in determining the performance(cost benefit) of a show is how many new subscribers watch it first ie. Is it driving subscriber growth. If LotR's drops first, then many of the the new subs which would have been attributed to WoT, won't be, as the audience will largely be the same. It's also unlikely they would release them close together. Narg would think at least six months apart.

Hopefully Narg will just be proved to be a worry wart, and Rafe and his team will produce such a great show, that Amazon will be left wondering why they wasted one billion dollars on LotR's. 😄

The bloody Ashes blog lists 6 reasons why the Show could succeed:
10 Second Version
The huge Fanbase
The books have a little bit of everything
The show will have enough budget to make it look good
Great Characters
The Showrunner is a huge Wheel of Time nerd
The right timing
In other news

The Black Tower podcast sat down with Kate and Michael Reading:
Join us as we take a break from talking about the Wheel of Time to enjoy an engaging evening with legendary audiobook narrators Michael Kramer and Kate Reading
Zane Barber showed off his Aiel dance moves:

Tangible Recollections made some custom WoT bookends:

Cave Geek Art is inching ever closer to completing their leather WoT map:

Featured Art:

Sarah Finnigan completed her Tam and Rand painting:

I finished it! One of my favorite moments from my favorite book series. The original painting is acrylic and 20" x 14."  #wheeloftime #WoT "He lies in the snow and cries like the thunder! He burns like the sun!"
Gal Or gave us some more of his great art:

“What is real is not real. What is not real is real. Flesh is a dream, and dreams have flesh.”(The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 43: Shadowbrothers)
That's all from Narg for another week. Hope you enjoyed the recap!

What we know(officially): 

Status: Greenlit "Pre-production"
Network - Amazon Prime Video
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Assistant to Rafe: Patrick Strapazon
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal
Book Consultant - Sarah Nakamura
Episode Length - 1 hour ~
Episode Titles - 101: Leavetaking, 102: Shadow's Waiting

Not officially confirmed:
Filming Location: Prague(Czech Republic)
Filming start date: September 2019

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