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Weekly Issue 74.
Wheel of Time TV News
For #WoTWednesday, Rafe shared a good luck message from George R.R. Martin:

To Rafe, Good luck with your Wheel

Cool Beans! A nice gesture by GRRM. This made Narg think that if Tor relaunch The Eye of the World with new TV show tie in covers, it would be neat to have a quote from GRRM on the cover. Having GRRM "relaunch" the book series in the same way Robert Jordan helped launch A Game of Thrones, would be an apt way to start a new turning of the Wheel.

Its also worth noting GRRM's wording in the dedication "Good luck with your Wheel". While Narg assumes most of us want the most faithful adaptation of the books as possible, the TV show will differ from the books, and this turn of the wheel will be shaped by Rafe. We all need to accept that, and try to judge the show on its own merits and not a direct 1-1 comparison to the books. Narg knows that can be hard given the passion that we all share for the source material, but if we go into it looking for the differences and voicing obnoxious complaints about them, the only thing that will achieve is to undermine any enjoyment you may get from the show. 

This also applies to casting. Everyone interprets what they read differently, and while RJ was a very descriptive writer, he did leave room for the reader to interpret the people of his world in different ways. When casting news starts to come out, lets not go all "Witcher" on Rafe and each other. Prejudging the entire show because an actor does not meet your interpretation or even a commonly held one, only leads to madness. Lets do our best to avoid that eh?

Every single one of us will be disappointed in some way by some choice that is made(even Rafe). That's life. Narg is not saying don't voice your disappointment, but that if you feel the need to vent, voice it in a constructive way, and then move on. Don't continually rehash and dwell on it. You'll still have your books. 

Your not here to be preached at by a Trolloc though, so...time to move on! In good news the Hearth contest winner had his chat with Rafe, and had this to say:

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In other news

Daniel B Green showcases some of the Wheel of Time content creators and communities currently active:

The Great Serpent has infected the Amazon mainframe and is sending out copies of The Eye of the World...

Narg shared his "main" character Fan casting picks...

Murray Fraser, Lindsey Morgan, Charlie Rowe, Isabelle Moner, Noah Centineo, Sean Bean, Narg, Christopher Heyerdahl, Hugh Laurie, Ian Anthony Dale, Chloe Bennet, Ming-Na Wen and Bela

Chase Bank's customer support showed they know how to have a bit of fun:

Hastag hijinks

The Tor Read along reached the climax of The Great Hunt:
Well, this is it, my friends: the big showdown chapter. The challenge of writing a recap for “The Grave is No Bar to My Call” is that it is so superbly written. A lot happens in a short space of words, and the narrative is so tight and the descriptions so perfect that I kept finding that my “summaries” were longer than the passages themselves. I did my best not to rely too much on quoting passages from the chapter, but honestly there are so many good ones it was very hard to resist.
 Featured Art


What we know(officially): 

Status: Greenlit "Pre-production"
Network - Amazon Prime Video
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Assistant to Rafe: Patrick Strapazon
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal
Book Consultant - Sarah Nakamura
Episode Length - 1 hour ~
Episode Titles - 101: Leavetaking, 102: Shadow's Waiting

Not officially confirmed:
Filming Location: Prague(Czech Republic)
Filming start date: September 2019

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