Episode 103 "A Place of Safety" by the Clarkson Twins

For Wheel of Time Wednesday this week Rafe revealed the cover page for Episode three of season one of the Wheel of Time TV show, "A Place of Safety" written by Paul and Michael Clarkson.

"A Place of Safety" is chapter 8 of The Eye of the World and starts at page 87. This throws a spanner into the works of trying to gauge what each episode title may mean for what part of the book it may cover. Ep.1 Leavetaking was chapter 9 and Ep.2 Shadow's Waiting chapter 19. The episode titles clearly don't directly correspond with the chapter titles of the books. 

If we stick with the widely assumed pacing that episodes 1 and 2 take us up to Shadar Logoth, or the end of, "A Place of Safety" could refer to Mat, Rand and Thom finding "safety" on the Spray with Doman. Egwene and Perrin finding "safety" with the Tuatha'an, and Nynaeve with Moiraine and Lan.

It could also have a sardonic meaning. The boys think they had found "safety" in Shadar Logoth from the Trolloc's...

Whatever the case may be, we'll just have to wait and see. One thing is for sure...Rafe is a tease😄

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