Paul and Michael Clarkson - Wheel of Time TV Series Writers

Introducing Wheel of Time TV Writers...

Paul and Michael Clarkson
(Narg thinks he got the order correct?!?)

The Clarkson Twins (Michael & Paul) are writer/directors based in London and LA.
Co-writers and directors of 5 star West End hit DEATH SHIP 666, their work has been seen by international audiences in the USA and Germany following a successful sell out run at Edinburgh Festival and London’s Leicester Square Theatre respectively. Their short films have made it to the finals of British film competitions Enter the Pitch and Film 4 Scene Stealers.
Michael and Paul were recently consultants on the Bad Wolf/HBO adaptation of the Philip Pullman trilogy HIS DARK MATERIALS.
 A more personal bio written by Michael for the Huffington Post UK
I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be involved in storytelling. From as early as I can remember my identical twin brother Paul and I have been making up stories, characters and worlds. We were lucky enough to grow up with people who spurred on our imagination and allowed us the freedom to express ourselves creatively. We have spent a large part of our lives entertaining each other. When we were teenagers, we realised that this creativity could reach out of our little twin world and include others. People liked what we had to say, or would laugh at our silliness, or were moved by things we had created. An emotional response from friends, family and strangers on this level helped us see that we could, if we wanted, move towards a future where storytelling was all we did.
Michael received scholarships from BAFTA and The University of Southern California in 2015 and completed a Masters in Screenwriting.

He made the following video as part of a crowd sourcing campaign to help pay the remaining tuition fees:

Paul has completed the Channel 4 screenwriting course and has studied Nuclear Physics and Nanotechnology(a doctorate) at Cambridge University.

As mentioned above, both Michael and Paul, have served as "Script Consultants" on the upcoming BBC adaption of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. They also share a "Written by" credit on the Apple SciFi Drama See for two episodes, which is currently filming. Michael has a solo writing credit for two episodes of The Feed by Amazon Video.

You can view Pauls' full CV HERE and Michaels' HERE. While you are there, you will see that both have the following in the Credits section:

Paul and Michael are talented, and a seemingly in demand, up and coming screenwriting duo. This looks like a great pick by Rafe!

Remember this tweet by Rafe?

Narg found these photos posted by Michael from the 12th of January 2014:

And Paul posted this on facebook:
Just finished the amazing Wheel of Time series of books with Michael Patrick Clarkson in the oldest pub in London during a three course meal. If you are a fantasy fan (that includes Lord of the Rings) then you should read these.
Note: While this is not official confirmation(we'll have to wait for Rafe to introduce them for that), The CV credit and knowing that they did have an interview with Rafe, means we can call this confirmed. Narg originally thought that Michael was going solo on this job, but unless their talent agency has made a mistake in Paul's CV, it looks like they were hired as a writing pair.

Update: Rafe has officially revealed them

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