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Weekly Issue 70.
Wheel of Time News

Last week Rafe teased us with what's been going on in the writers' Room:

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "Rafe Judkins @rafejudkins We now have five whiteboards full of material in the writers room, so thought I'd give you a taste of what's up there for #WoTWednesday this week and had @WoTWritersRoom take a picture!"
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This week Rafe revealed another Writer. Unfortunately for people who read The Daily Trolloc, this writer was revealed over two weeks ago, so no surprise for you! Sorry😏

Rumor Mill

Narg is listing this as a rumor, as DisccussingFilm provided no further information than the above. No article and no indication of where the information came from. Even though they appear to only be a small outfit, they do have quite a few interviews with people in the industry on their YouTube channel, and other bigger sites have re-reported other claimed exclusives from them.

The question is, do they have an actual real source, or are they just reporting a rumour they heard. The choice of "is eyeing to", gives them an out if it proves false. Not "will". Still, their credibility is on the line. Would they risk it for a few likes on twitter? Narg not smart enough to know. 

If it's true, no doubt news will start to leak from other sources soon enough.

Prague and the Czech Rebublic, could no doubt provide the required backdrops for the first season.
Prague is a dense matrix of every architectural style and period. In the center of the city, you can walk from the Middle Ages to the Belle Eqoque in just a few steps. Our cobblestone streets, ancient towers and narrow, winding alleyways can lend an authentic, timeless quality to the look of your production
August is statically one of the hottest months with the least amount of rain. The best months for good weather are from late May to September and the first snowfall can be as early as November. The temp drops to around 0°C / 32°F late November. Filming of GoT on average usually took between 5-6 months. Say six months for WoT, that would be August-January. Three to four months of good weather, followed by three months of freezing and potential snow. Ideal??

Filming incentives would also play a part in choosing the location, and the Czech Rebublic has a 20% rebate.  There is also up to a 10% rebate on qualifying international spend for international crew. 

Narg rates this rumour at:

In other news

Nae'Blis is back at it with another cultural profile video: The Ogier

The Fourth Ta'veren podcast has released their 2nd episode:
We review Ravens Prologue & chapterss 6-10. We discuss Manetheren, ta’verens and why they are needed.
Jenn and her cat from the White Tower podcast analyse a’Lan Mandragoran:

That's it for The Daily Trolloc this year. Christmas break time, humans to eat, presents to open and stuff...Narg will of course post something if Rafe reveals anything new. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year, or what ever holiday it may be for you. Stay safe and remember to follow the teachings of Nargism, and the all will be well😉

What we know: 

Status: Greenlit "Pre-production"
Network - Amazon Prime Video
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Assistant to Rafe: Patrick Strapazon
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal
Book Consultant - Sarah Nakamura
Episode Length - 1 hour ~

Episode Titles - 101: Leavetaking, 102: Shadow's Waiting, 103: Theme😜

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