Dave Hill - Wheel of Time TV Series Writer(Speculation)

Disclaimer: This is a speculative post and should not be taken as anything else!

For those that haven't been following these Writer specualtion posts, here is a quick recap. Narg has been following social media breadcrumbs left by the known members of The Wheel of Time team, adding in some Narg craziness and coming up with names for the unannounced writers working on the show. So far Narg has stalked Justine Juel Gillmer, Matt Whitney and Celine Song. Justine and Matt are still firmly in the speculative basket, while Celine is confirmed. One out of three ain't bad, but Narg is not one to rest on his laurels...

The wheel demands balance, so to even up the male female writing dynamic, Narg presents...

Dave Hill

If you're a big Game of Thrones fan, you may find the name familiar. That's because Dave has been working on GoT since 2011. From season two onwards he has been learning and honing his writing skills under the watchful eyes of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. He started out as their assistant before working his way up the writer ranks from Staff Writer(2014) to Executive Story Editor(2017)(writer titles explained). Presumably he'll get a Co-Producer credit for season 8.

While he may only have four "written by" credits during his seven years on the show(Sons of the Harpy, Home, Eastwatch and Episode 1 of season 8), he's had a seat at the Writers' table and has helped shape and formulate all of the episodes since 2014.

Assistant - 30 episodes, 2012 - 2014
Staff Writer - 10 episodes, 2015
Story Editor - 10 episodes, 2016
Executive Story Editor - 7 episodes, 2017

You can see all his credits on his IMDb page.

If Rafe has added Dave to the team, Narg is thrilled! Dave's time and work on the biggest show on TV over the past decade, will be an invaluable source of experience from which Rafe can tap and draw from.

The breadcrumb trail:

Once again Instagram is the culprit. Around the time the WoT writers were pigging out on cupcakes, Amanda Kate Shuman followed a private Instagram account going by the name of DavidFHill. Narg being Narg googled the name and came up with a few possible people it could be. None of them jumped out as being potential writers for the show, but Narg doesn't give up that easily.

Over to Facebook Narg went, to search through Rafe's "Friends" list. No David F Hill, but there was one David Hill sitting on a throne, and a quick google confirmed that David Hill was Dave Hill. Still Narg couldn't conclusively say the David Hill on Facebook was the same DavidFHill on Instagram, so he put David in the "maybe" basket and moved on and found Celine.

Celine, Light bless her soul, gave Narg his next crumb. She followed DavidFHill yesterday. Seemed a bit sus that the Staff Writer(jnr writer) on WoT, should follow the same person that Amanda did less than a week earlier. Narg decided to have another look at David's Facebook page, and low and behold he found an old profile picture that matched DavidFHill's Instagram profile pic. Bingo!

While this is still far from conclusive proof that Dave is onboard, Narg can't think of a good reason(other than him being involved with the show in some capacity) why Celine(a writer just starting out in TV) would decide to follow, let alone be accepted by Dave's private Instagram account. Sure Rafe could have taken the team out for drinks to a known writers dive, and they could have run into Dave reminiscing over a beer about his glory days on GoT, and Dave could have told them to follow him so they could see his awesome photos, but... INO that would be rather less plausible than him just being part of the WoT team.

Still, this could just be Narg wanting to see something that isn't there. Time will tell, but Narg has his furry fingers crossed that he got this one right.

What about you? Would you be happy to see a Game of Thrones writer working on The Wheel of Time adaptation?

PS. Narg wasn't being sarcastic about your photos Dave, Narg is sure there awesome...don't stab Narg...
PPS. Narg is in no way intending to be disparaging towards Celine. Narg would let you follow him...

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