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Wheel of Time News

Last week for Wheel of Time Wednesday, Rafe had an "elderly" moment and "forgot" about it:

On the plus side, "if" he adheres to the start and finish times on his reminder, we won't have to wait around all day. We can just tune in for that hour. Times would be US Pacific Standard Time.

During the week someone updated the IMDb page for The Wheel of Time TV show, and added an actor in the role of Rand:

It was removed about a day later. IMDb is updated by contributors like Wikipedia is. All contributions are supposed to be verified by IMDb, but obviously some incorrect information gets through. Therefore Narg suggests you not use IMDb as a news source.

The Hard Times published a parody news article about the show:
 SANTA MONICA, Calif. — After greenlighting a TV adaptation of Robert Jordan’s high-fantasy series The Wheel Of Time, Amazon Studios announced they are committed to producing 328 seasons of the fourteen book fantasy epic with production already underway.
Amusement levels will vary. Narg found the first paragraph in poor taste, but other than that, its not to bad.

Narg has decided to track how people are feeling about the show. Narg will conduct a poll every two months on twitter. Here's how sentiment is currently tracking:

September 2018 - 59%
November 2018 - 46%

Cautiously Optimistic๐Ÿ™‚
September 2018 - 28%
November 2018 - 43%

Little bit anxious๐Ÿ˜
September 2018 - 9%
November 2018 - 8%

Very worried☹️
September 2018 - 4%
November 2018 - 3%

The negatives have stayed stable, but it looks like excitement levels have dropped off a bit since Rafe's Q&A session, despite the show actually being officially Greenlit by Amazon in between the polls. Rafe might need to up his #WoTWednesday game๐Ÿ˜‰. Will be interesting to watch the negatives as more news comes out. Casting news is sure to swing the needle one way or another!

In other news

Some guy calling himself "Nae'Blis" has been making some neat Wheel of Time content on YouTube. His latest video is a character examination of Moiraine Damodred: 

Set before the first book in the series, Wheel of Time follows the turbulent adventures of Elayna, an Aes Sedai. Her sect holds a mystical seal, which is one of several seals used to jail the exceptionally evil Dark One in an ethereal prison. After the seal is stolen, Elayna must set out on a quest to recover the seal, thus setting in motion the events of the game.
Despite all the prerelease talk about Wheel of Time's incorporating several styles of gameplay in a cohesive package, Wheel of Time is an easy game to categorize: It is a first-person shooter. It is a complex and often extremely challenging shooter with some unique aspects of strategy and a strong story tinged with adventure elements, but it is a shooter first and foremost. In fact, it may be ten times the shooter that Unreal was. Even seasoned shooter veterans will be hard-pressed to make it through some of the game's levels alive without numerous saves and reloads. Much of the difficulty lies in the numerous and very tough creatures blocking your path, but part of the challenge also lies in mastering Elayna's weaponry.
Some Screen Shots:

Here's hoping Red Eagle Entertainment, who still hold the game rights, are able to leverage the Amazon show, and do a deal with a quality games studio, and avoid getting in their own way as they have in the past.

It looks like The Daily Trolloc has some competition!

The story on Narg is untrue and pure tabloid gossip! That was just Narg's Halloween costume! Was totally quoted out of context!๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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