Matt Whitney - Wheel of Time TV Series Writer(Speculation)

Disclaimer: This is a speculative post and should not be taken as anything else!

Yep, Narg is still bored, and yet again, Rafe let Wheel of Time Wednesday pass without revealing the shows writers. Therefore you have to suffer through another guess from Narg...Like Narg's last guess of Justine Juel Gillmer, this pick is largely based on social media behaviour of a few people involved in the show.

So joining Rafe, Amanda and Justine in Narg's All Star Writing lineup, is......

Matt Whitney

Matt is a huge Wheel of Fortune fan and has worked on Timeless as a Writer, Supervising Producer and Co-Executive Producer. Therefore it is fated that he should work on The Wheel of Time!😵

Other than working on Timeless, Matt has written episodes for Chicago Fire , CSI: Cyber, Gossip Girl, White Collar, Greek and Human Target. He was also a Writers Assistant back in 2007 on Chuck and Crossing Jordan. You can few all the details on his IMDb page.

Needless to say he is a very experienced writer and INO would be a great addition to the team.

Time for the "evidence":

1. Earlier this month Narg posted this zoomed in photo of the WoT writers' room.

Working on the assumption that they didn't buy 2nd hand furniture for their new room and that one of the writers was claiming their chair, the person who did it, would INO have to be either very ballsy, and or know Rafe well enough, to know he wouldn't care or go ballistic on them. Matt looks like a ballsy guy, and they are "friends" on Facebook and Instagram, so....

2. Ta'veren Tees replied to the above tweet with "M for Moiraine...", to which Sarah Nakamura(Walking WoT Encyclopedia), replied:
M for Mat ;)
A winking emoji!! Which "Signals a joke, flirtation, hidden meaning, or general positivity".

For the purpose of making this story more plausible, Narg will go with "hidden meaning". Having followed Sarah for awhile, and knowing her teasing ways, that was also how Narg interpreted it at the time. That set Narg to looking at writers named Mat, Matt or Matthew. Narg looked at Mr Whitney, but decided that although he and Rafe did seem to know each other, there wasn't anything else suggesting a link with the show. That was until...

3. Amanda Kate Shuman(WoT writer extraordinaire) started following him on Instagram and he followed back! (Narg is pretty sure this happened recently, though Narg will admit he may be losing grip on reality somewhat)

Add all that up, throw in a bit of fate, and that my dear readers is why Narg has concluded with a strong degree of uncertainness, that Matt Whitney may be involved with the show. Of course it it proves to be true, Narg was always 100% certain...ok?

What say you, would Matt be a good addition to the team in your opinion, based on the shows he's worked on?

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