Justine Juel Gillmer - Wheel of Time TV Series Writer(Speculation)

Disclaimer: This is a speculative post and should not be taken as anything else!

Narg got bored waiting for Rafe to reveal who the writers are for the first season of The Wheel of Time, so he's taking a stab at who may be one of the unannounced writers. Narg is basing this pick on a couple factors. Social Media behaviour by those involved in the show, and whether or not the person would be a good fit. So with out further ado, Narg presents:

No, not Lagertha!

Justine Juel Gillmer

Justine is an Australian born Screenwriter and Producer now living in LA. Not to be confused with Lagertha aka Katheryn Winnick, who Justine is cosplaying in the photo above.(Narg added symbol)

Justine has a large body of work in both Australia and the USA. For the Aussie's reading this, she has been a writer on Home and Away and McLeod's Daughters, as well as being a script editor on Packed to the Rafters. For everyone else, her more recent work in the USA includes, writing for and being a Executive Story Editor for both The 100 and Into the Badlands. She has Supervising Producer credits for The 100. Other writing credits include, Cleverman, The Deep, Wonderland and In Your Dreams. You can view all the details on her IMDb profile.

Based on all that, Justine is certainly more than qualified, and INHO would be a good pick by Rafe if he did hire her. Narg will now lay out the evidence that leads him to believe that Rafe may indeed have hired Justine.

1. Rafe recently started following her on Instagram. 

Nothing special there, Rafe follows lots of people and following a fellow writer by itself doesn't prove much....but...

2. Yesterday Sarah Nakamura tweeted "We also just got our social media rules."

That got Narg to thinking that while the writers were reading over the rules, they may have also swapped social media details with each other, so Narg checked to see if the only other writer we know of, Amanda Kate Shuman had followed anyone yesterday. Low and behold, she had followed Justine Juel Gillmer! Rafe and Amanda do follow a lot of the same people, but the timing of these particular follows is a bit sus INO. Suspicious enough for Narg to check out Justine's Twitter profile anyway...

3. Now while Narg can't tell exactly when Justine started following Rafe on Twitter, her recent like history shows her liking four of Rafe's tweets all at once, which would indicate it was a very recent follow(perhaps yesterday). The likes were for Rafe's assistant reveal, the writers room, the photo of Rafe's notes in The Great Hunt and the competition post. 

Granted, the above three points arn't much to build a case upon, but in Narg's opinion they are enough to layout a circumstantial case. Narg could of course just ask Justine on twitter if she's involved, but Narg doesn't like to talk to humans who are holding a sword...plus if she said no, Narg wouldn't have been able to waste your time by making you read this post😜 

What say you? Narg crazy or Narg smart?

Update: Since writing this Celine Song, the only other confirmed writer on the show, has also followed Justine. Narg has also asked Justine on twitter a few times if she's involved with the show. She has chosen not to respond.

Update II: Justine has also been linked to the Clarkson Twins as outlined HERE.

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