Wheel of Time Showrunner Interviewing Writers!

This weeks Wheel of Time Wednesday Twitter post by Rafe Judkins, reveals that he is interviewing Writers for the the show's Writers Room!

This is great news, as it means things are moving forward at a good pace.

By comparison, The Witcher got the full greenlight April 20th, and its Writers Room opened on the 7th of May. WoT is moving a bit slower given interviews are still happening, but being optimistic, hopefully the Writers room will open early November.

The Witcher's Writers Room, took 5 months to knock out seven scripts(pilot had already been written), with the first hint of casting happening just one month into the process, and as of today, the main cast have all been cast.

If The Wheel of Time follows a similar timeline, and we say it has Ten episodes, with two already done, taking into account the Christmas/New Years break, and one more episode to write than the Witcher room, we could be looking at the first season script being done around April/May 2019, with casting also happening during that period.

Netflix still have The Witcher as a 2019 release, so they clearly think they can have it filmed and all the post production stuff done no later than 14 months from now. Lets say WoT is a bit more complex with a couple of big battle scenes, and add 2 months to that timeline. 16 months from May next year, takes us to September 2020.

Of course every show is different, and this speculation doesn't take into account whether or not studios are available, or if they need to wait for the right season for the outdoor shoots, and multiple other things Narg hasn't even thought of.  But being optimistic and positive, mid to late 2020 still looks good INO!

What say you?

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