Wheel of Time Q&A With Rafe Judkins Next Wednesday!

Rafe is in for a long day!

Narg encourages everyone to post a question! Even if you think someone else will ask it, still post it, as the more questions that are asked, the better it looks to the people at Amazon deciding the fate of the show. A few hundred questions isn't going to wow them, a few thousand or tens of thousands will!

If you don't have a Twitter account, it's easy to sign up! Just use a throw away email address if you are worried about spam. Once signed up, search for @rafejudkins and click on his profile. Once there tap the follow button! 

Then next Wednesday, when Rafe posts the Q&A post, just tap the small speech bubble to reply. Make sure you tap the bubble under his post and not any of the replies to him.(See below)

Easy as!

Alternatively he may just ask you to @rafejudkins him. Which means you just write a tweet and include @rafejudkins anywhere in the tweet before you hit "tweet".

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