The Wheel of Time Down Under?

**This is a Highly Speculative post and should be treated as such**

Could Australia be the home of The Wheel of Time TV Series? Narg will lay out the case, and let you decide on whether or not he's drawing a long bow.

The Evidence, Conjecture, Story:

As you may be aware, a few weeks ago, Rafe Judkins was in Fiji on a working holiday. He shared his Tropical Island workplace with a mystery lady that Narg will refer to as Ms. R(her name isn't important to the tale Narg is spinning, plus it's more mysterious this way😉).

Very Mysterious!

Narg, like any good Trolloc, immediately googled  Ms. R to see if she was a writer and or had links to the TV/film industry. IMDb only had one entry for a Ms.R, and that was a "Camera and Electrical Department" credit from 2005. That didn't seem promising, so Narg searched further. The only other Ms.R that Narg thought was a possibility, was a "Business and Innovation Manager" at an Australian University. Going only on photos, Narg wasn't entirely sure it was her, and even it it was, he couldn't think of any reason why Rafe would be on a working holiday with a "Business and Innovation Manager" from Australia, so he gave up trying to link Ms.R to the show.

But as you know, Narg is a patient Trolloc, and while others go away, Narg stay!

After some more snooping around, Narg was able to identify her beyond a reasonable doubt, as the the Ms.R from Australia. That only left Narg with coming up with a reason as to why she would be on the Island with Rafe. Just old friends catching up? Working together on WoT? Or both?

They are friends. They have been on holiday together before, but given that Rafe mentioned that they were both working on this holiday, and that Amanda Kate Shuman, the other WoT writer that we know of, also follows Ms.R on Instagram, Narg wasn't entirely convinced that she had no link to the show, and so he kept digging for one.

So what is that link? 

While Ms.R's  currently works at an Australian University, in the past she has also worked as a Business Development Manager, for "Trade Queensland the Americas". Why's that important? Well, part of that job from what Narg has been able to ascertain, would have been selling Queensland as a desirable location to Hollywood studios to film their productions! She would be aware of all the grants, tax breaks and incentives that Australia and Queensland offer to studios to attract Major International Productions. If Rafe was looking for someone to help him write up a business case as to why 'The Wheel of Time' should be filmed in Australia, then he could do a lot worse than his old friend.

But Narg, why would Rafe be doing that job? Don't studios have professional location scouts and stuff? Yes they do, but Rafe as the Showrunner, has overall creative control of the show, and therefore INO would be in the decision process of where to film, especially since he has travelled the globe extensively and would have a good idea of appropriate locations.

This is how Narg pictures it went:

Sony Exec: So Rafe, any ideas on filming locations?

Rafe: Yeah, I think Australia would be perfect.

Sony Exec: Austria...yeah that sounds about right...lots of castles and forests...We were actually thinking more UK, but Austria might work.

Rafe: No, Aus-tra-lia.

Sony Exec: Yeah that's what I said Austria.

Rafe: No no no, AUS--TRA--LIA, think Koala Bears, Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin etc.

Sony Exec: ahhh, we were thinking more castles than Kangaroos Rafe....

Rafe: Trust me, Australia has all the natural landscapes we need all in one country, plus they have great talent down there and they have great incentives for filming.

Sony Exec: Yeah but castles Rafe, what about the castles??? 

Rafe: You know they filmed The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand right? No castles there either!

Sony Exec: er ok. ::mumbles something about castles and Kangaroos:: Ok Rafe, put to together something about Australia as your desired location and I'll run it up the chain. Convince us.

Rafe: Will do, I know just the person to ring!

::Ring Ring, Ring Ring::

Ms.R: Rafe ya cobber, how the bloody hell are you, ya ranga bastard?

Rafe: ahh good good, got a great new job adapting the best epic fantasy ever written! Which is in fact what I'm calling you about.

Ms.R: Strewth mate, that's bonzer! Fair suck of the sav! Good onya! Ya need an offsider?

Rafe: umm yeah, I was thinking Australia would be a great place to base the production from, but Sony need some convincing. Given your expertise, I thought you'd be able to help me put a pitch together. How about it?

Ms.R: Sounds like those Sony Exec's have got some roo's loose in the top paddock if they need convincing! Fair dinkum mate, I'm in!

Rafe: Excellent! How about we meet halfway and do the work in Fiji?

Ms.R: Crikey Rafe, you're a deadset corker! Ya wanna include the sheepshaggers from across the ditch as well?

Rafe: umm, might as well...

Ok, so that ends the first part of the story. On to part two!

The Case for Austria  AUSTRALIA and New Zealand:

Bear in mind, New Zealand is just a short flight away, so while the Sound Stage work, The Waste, Blight and the drought conditions of the middle books could all be done in Australia, they could also use NZ for the outdoor scenes of Dragonmount and The Two Rivers/Mountains of Mist, though as the picture below shows, Australia could manage that in a pinch.

Looking West along the Winespring towards the Westwood and Mountains of Mist in the far distance

Australia even has a castle that, with a bit of magic could transform itself into the walls of Fal Dara. CGI and camera angles can do a lot.

Image result for Kryal castle australia fpv

Entry to Alcair Dal

The different aspects of the Waste:

Image result for australian deserts

Image result for australian deserts

Image result for australian deserts

Image result for Arckaringa-Hills

The Sound Stages in Queensland have been home to quite a few big productions:
The studios have been home to countless feature films, telemovies, TV series and miniseries. Recent productions include San Andreas, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Scooby-Doo, House of Wax, Ghost Ship, and Thor: Ragnarok. TV productions have included Terra Nova, BeastMaster and the Lost World series.
Australian governments tend to bend over backwards to secure big budget productions. The Aussie dollar is also quite weak to the US at the moment, so lets say Amazon gave the show a US$100M budget, that's AU$125M. Add to that, a 16.5% location tax rebate, which state governments have been known to top up to 30%, a 20% producer rebate and a 30 per cent rebate for work on post, digital and visual effects production done, and Australia has got to be quite competitive on the world stage.

Of course, North America could also provide all the needed landscapes, and the UK/Europe, with The Waste set in Morocco, has to be a strong contender, given they can actually provide palaces and castles for shooting.

At the end of the day, the home base for the show, will most likely come down to where they can get the best bang for their buck and still have the visuals they want readily to hand.

Fiji speculation aside, this article is really just an introduction to possible shooting locations for The Wheel of Time show. Narg will look at Europe next.

Let Narg know your thoughts on locations below and whether or not he's a stubby short of a six-pack!

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