The Daily Trolloc (56) The Twitter Q&A Edition

Issue 56. 

Wheel of Time News

Rafe JudkinsThe Wheel of Time Showrunner held a Twitter Q&A today. Below are nearly all the questions and answers. There be a lot! Narg didn't include all the WAFO's, and he tried to avoid to many duplicates. There be some good nuggets in there, and a few answers, that are sure to stir up some controversy.

No time frames were given for production, casting, when we will see it, or if its been greenlit etc. 

Question: Who do you see in the role of Bela?

Rafe: I am SO GLAD you asked this.  I love Bela, and although we're very far away from this, I already want to make sure that we have a consistent horse(s) to track her through the entire run of the show :)

Question: Hey @rafejudkins! How would you like to handle the prologue of EOTW, and the prequel scenes from New Spring?

Rafe: I have plans for both of these, but you'll unfortunately have to wait for the show to see :)

Question: Is there any way for fans to get involved with the show in some fashion? 

Rafe: I think being involved online is a great way to contribute to the show.  You'd be shocked by how many showrunners/writers/executives/etc read posts for their show on reddit/twitter/AV Club and more.  On past shows, most people would discuss fan reaction the morning after each ep

Question: Dear Rafe. The guest list for #JordanCon 2019 filling up fast!  Should we pencil you in for 2019 or 2020?

Rafe: Pencil me in for both!

Question: In your view, what is the heart and soul of this TV show? ie, Why will people (non-fans included) want to watch?

Rafe: To me, and the way I've pitched it since I first became involved, is that even though the world is incredible, the magic system one of the best in fantasy, and the gender dynamics are so fresh feeling, the thing at the heart of this are the characters.

So, I think those first three things are the things that may bring in first-time viewers, it's the last thing that will keep them there :)

Question: i think music will be a massive thing for the show, i LOVE elder scrolls oblivion music, but.... listening to Metallica songs/lyrics.... (frayed ends of sanity,blackened etc) i think that suits too, any ideas on that front about what music to use yet?

Rafe: We're still a ways from music decisions!  A lot of that will be director/composer/music supervisor dependent.  I like to hire people who are really good at their jobs and take their advice, so it may end up being different than what I think right now :)

Question: Egwene is a divisive character among fandom (although my fav, as a fellow community organizer), what do you think is her defining attributes that you would want to bring out in the show?

Rafe: I'm obsessed with Egwene.  I think, of all the characters, she faces some of the most dramatic/impossible choices in the series.  And to me, characters you fall in love with are the ones who have to face these choices and come out stronger on the other side.  She is going to rock

Question: How closely do you anticipate the show to follow the 'true canon' of the books, or are you already planning on creating a parallel canon? Are you considering having any of Team Jordan on-hand as consultants through the process at all? 

Rafe: I am telling the story of the books, but as with any adaptation to a different medium, there will be differences.  Otherwise, what will people have to scream about after each episode?  #ladystoneheart4ever

Question: How do I become an extra on the show?

Rafe: Extras are always cast on location.  So once we have one you'll have to move there, ha.  There were tons of people who would do work-visa-vacations to Belfast to be extras on GoT.

Question: Will Logain's story line be retained in TV series? And if yes, just interesting how you imagine this character? =)

Rafe: I really like Logain and plan to not only retain, but expand, his role in series.

Question: Will @BillyZane be reprising his role as Ishmael ?

Rafe: NO.

Question: Can you say what the target audience might be? Game of thrones level? Or teen drama like they did with shanara?

Rafe: I think, like the books, this show should be aimed at a wide audience.

Question: How much badassery do you think we can expect from the Mat vs Gawyn & Galad fight?

Rafe: I mean this question answers itself, doesn't it?  ;)  (ie. badassery, obviously)

Question: Rafe - What would it take to get you to do a round of Cons (ComicCon, DragonCon, or especially JordanCon)?

Rafe: If I'm allowed to go and don't need to be somewhere else, I'll go :)

Question: WoT is controversial regarding how it handles gender/sexuality/mental health. My audience at WoTTalk has expressed concern on how these topics will be handled. Would you mind commenting on these concerns/how you plan to approach these topics? 

Rafe: I think the explorations of these topics is something important and I'll be using a lot of advisors and writers around me to make sure that we tackle them thoughtfully.

Question:  What would be your dream location to shoot the first season of the show? 

Rafe: The Lofoten Islands of Norway!  But only because I just want to live there. I'm sure we'll end up somewhere with some more diverse landscapes that better capture the breadth of the WoT world ;)

Question: has Amazon actually ordered a Pilot or a season?

Rafe: Can't answer

Question: Who is your favorite character, and why is it Egwene?

Rafe: This is my favorite question so far.  I know it's lame, but I honestly have too many favorites -- Egwene, Aviendha, Mat, Nynaeve, Perrin, Rand, Tam -- honestly I believe that when you're writing you have to be in love with all of your characters, and now that I'm writing, I am ha

Question: G'day. Will you consider coming on and do an episode on the "Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast"? 

Rafe: I'll consider everything, but I don't like to spoil things ;)

Question: Will you show us who killed Asmodean when it happens or leave it as a WAFO to torture those that haven't read the books?

Rafe: I love to torture people with a WAFO, so... WAFO ;)

Question: Considering all the fan questions Jordan, @BrandSanderson, and #TeamJordan have answered about the #WheelofTime over the years, have you studied that mountain of data not found in the books? If not, what’s your strategy to make sure you get all the details right?

Rafe: I'm in communications with everyone on #TeamJordan, and will be even more so once we are further down the line. They've lived this and will be invaluable to me. I'm also the kind of writer who values all the data I can get, and then let it inform but not direct my decision making

Question: What character will be hardest to translate to TV?

Rafe: Bela!  It's hard to get the same horse to do every scene.  So we'll probably be doing some horse make-up on a team of Bela lookalikes.

Question: What written resources besides the published novels are you utilizing (such as Robert Jordan's archived notes, The Wheel of Time Companion, the comic book adaptations)?

Rafe: Everything I can get my hands on!

Question: Have you written any Wolf Brother/Wolf Communication yet & how will it be represented (words whispered, images, etc.)?

Rafe: This'll be decided with the consultation of a director.  But I think that using images to convey meaning might be very suited to TV :)

Question: How do you plan to write around the fact that the weaving of the power is so in depth but can’t really be visualized well on screen? 

Rafe: I'm hoping it can be visualized well on screen!

Question: How much are you hoping to shoot on location vs in a Soundstage? Do you have any specific personal goals for locations to represent iconic Randland settings? 

Rafe: I love shooting on location, so we'll try to go out a lot and then use soundstages for the bigger interior sets that'll be used repeatedly.

Question: Are you writing the first season / first book as a standalone, or do you envision this being a series that will span the whole book series?

Rafe: A series that spans the whole book series!

Question: Does the idea of SFX impact how you write the series? Do you find yourself hesitating with certain ideas for shots/scenes based on awareness that they'll be really complicated/expensive? As a literal gruesome monster, this concerns me. 

Rafe: Yeah, you have to be considering this at all stages of the process.  Making a show is about making the right choices to deliver the best thing to screen, and so I'm already considering props vs sfx vs makeup vs vfx for everything.

Question: In the books, there are occasional references to items/events from our world (Mosk and Merk, the Mercedes logo in Tanchico, etc.).  Do you intend to leave some of these in, as a reflection that the Third Age is a future earth?

Rafe: I prefer the more subtle ones.

Question: Morning, @rafejudkins. Is @AmazonStudios planning to give the show the same scope and production value as HBO’s #GameofThrones, or #Westworld, or is this entirely a unique beast? Does Amazon realize the potential of this property? Thank you!

Rafe: Regardless of budget, I will make sure that we are only executing on screen things that look as good as those shows do.  The smaller the budget, the less of those things, but I think it's important that the entire show feel real, grounded, and premium

Question: Hi @rafejudkins what are your thoughts/plans regarding lgtbq representation in the shows? There is some in the books (pillow friends and such) & we know how much it matters to be represented in media. Thank you!

Rafe: I think that gender is such a key theme of the books, and discussing gender without a full representation of LGBTQ+ people would be a disservice to that discussion.   Rest assured, their will be pillow friends out the wazoo.

Question: What is the approximate rate of a) dress-smoothing; b) braid-tugging; and c) chin-raising per episode?

Rafe: Haha, there is ONE braid tug in the pilot.  But I think you'll like it ;)

Question: As the only Sex Symbol in the books, How will you do Narg?

Rafe: I have been alerted that you have asked more than one question!  SHAME.  So I'll answer this one -- Trollocs will only be as sexualized as you make them on viewing.

Question: Are you approaching the #WoT Series lining up as 1 season per book, combining books into a season, or extending books past a single season? Or adjust on a per book basis?

Rafe: I think you really have to take it book by book and make decisions that best suit those stories.

Question: Will the first season of Wheel of Time contains the first 2 books or only the first one ?

Thanks <3

Rafe: This one gets a WAFO.  Apologies :)

Question: Thanks for interfacing so well with the fandom! How will you approach portraying the Age of Legends in the flashbacks (Sho-wings, Shocklances, Song of Growing, etc.)? 

Rafe: Thank you, but I feel like I'm terrible at interacting with the fandom.  I'm so bad at social media, it makes me feel like a sad old man.  I only want to use flashbacks when they help elucidate our characters' stories, so that'll be a WAFO :)

Question: How do you visualize the threads and weaving of the One Power on screen? 

Rafe: This, as with most things, I want to stay true to the books.  I think this can be done in a really cool way, but will hold on a firm answer until I've discussed more fully with a director

Question: How would you ideally want to handle the Shadowspawn? (CGI, practical effects, etc.)

Rafe: I think trying to do practical as much as you can is always the right choice.

Question: Robert Jordan was massive on foreshadowing and long game setups, are these elements going to be prevalent in your script? 

Rafe: This was a huge gift he gave the show!  Being able to set up things seasons in advance is amazing.

Question: Rafe- thanks for doing this Q&A. What is the timeframe you foresee this actually hitting our screen? Thanks!

Rafe: I wish I knew!

Question: What's the age range you'll be looking at for Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene etc..  and will the casting be done worldwide or does this Irish boy need to get to you in the US for a chance to audition?

Rafe: Worldwide casting!

Question: Which are the 5 scenes from the first two books that you are most excited to adapt for the show? Thank you for doing this!

Rafe: Tam and Rand in the Westwood, Winternight, Tarwin's Gap, Toman Head, Egwene being leashed

Question: Do you plan on using practical effects on things such as trollocs and ogre's? Or are they going to be CGI ?

Rafe: Combo.  But practical where I can

Question: WoT has a great deal of content, what is the plan for condensing this into a show that is coherent and retains the major themes from the series?  Anything you are sad to have to leave out?  Thank you!

Rafe: I think this will come into focus the deeper we get into series.   I imagine most of the things I’ll be sad to lose will be actor or budget driven

Question: If you were in the #WheelOfTime world, what would you do?
You can be anything from a farmer, to royalty.
I would be a Green Aes Sedai from the Borderlands, interested in the making of power forged weapons and armor. My Warder would be a blacksmith! 

Rafe: I would be an activist for male inclusion in the Aes Sedai ;)

Question: How many seasons you think the series would take in tv format? And how many episodes per season?

Rafe: This one I imagine will be malleable as we go.  More than 5 but less than 14 :)

Question: What do you think of the existing officially licensed Wheel of Time merchandise? 

Rafe: My mom has the “Who Killed Asmodean?” bumper sticker on her car!

Question: How are you adressing the worry that many current Wheel of Time fans have, that the series is too big and won't work well adapted as a tv-series because too many essential elements will need to be cut.

Rafe: I actually think TV is a perfect format for these books.  You can tell a hell of a lot of story per season!

Question:  What have you found most challenging about the screenwriting process so far, especially writing The Wheel of Time itself? One thing would be the sheer amount of material/characters: what are your general/specific plans to avoid mental breakdowns?! :)

Rafe: I think the challenging thing is always off the page actually, and the amount of other logistical concerns that have to be managed without letting it affect the storytelling

Question: In terms of length and the amount of material to get through, how do you see the story playing out across seasons... Is there a rough figure of episodes and seasons, and do you think they'll roughly match up to a season per book? 

Rafe: Again, this’ll be malleable by season and book

Question: What is your approach to all the sword fighting/martial arts we see from Lan, Tam, Rand, the Aiel, and others? 

I'm hoping for a realistic & creative approach to this and not what TV usually gives us.

Rafe: I love action and a great stunt coordinator is key.  I want everything to feel as real as possible

Question: Given that the Wheel of Time is complete and making a 14-season series is almost certainly not viable, can you talk about how you decide which books to combine into which seasons? Realistically what sort of number of seasons do you see it taking?

Rafe: I mean let's all be honest, I'm gonna be condensing in the latter middle section of books ;)

Question: This series is so important and big parts of life to alot of people. Ex. It helped me get through incredible loss and even Joy.

How did you get into to #wheeloftime and what (if anything) did the character's struggles help with anything in life in general??

Rafe: Hey this is a great question that I talk about a lot.   This book really helped me deal with a difficult time in my life and I so hope the tv show can create a world that will offer the same escape/support that the books did to me

Question: Since the books follow a path of chosen one versus dark entity, and now these days grim dark and ambiguity rule the Tv shows, are you planning to follow the same way?

Rafe: I think sometimes we need a little light and clarity in the world

Question: Hi Rafe, any comment on when we can expect an announcement or other press release from a studio?

Rafe: Wish I could comment

Question: Have you already put thought into directors for season one's episodes—if you're not planning to direct most of it yourself?
Do you have a DP in mind already?

Rafe: I don’t plan to direct it, but am already thinking about a lot of great men and women for the jobs!

Question: what rating are you aiming for?  My wife and I are worried about the nudity. 

Rafe: If there is nudity I’m sure there will be cuts of the show available without it as well :)

Question: If you had the budget, time, and access to special effects, what is your vision for how the scene at Shadar Logoth in EotW would look like?

Rafe: That requires like 15 pages of script to answer, but in three words I want it to be eerie, beautiful and tense

Question: What's THE central/key/core conflict of the series? 

Rafe: I think most people would say light vs. dark, but I'd actually say balance vs. imbalance.

Question: What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of the show’s writing and production? 

Rafe: Maintaining the heart of the books while delivering something that works in the medium of tv

Question: Hi ! Aren't you feeling overwhelmed by the work it will take to work on a 14 novel serie ?

Rafe: Nope.  I love it.  Can’t wait.

Question: What will the show be rated? The books have both violence and sexual comments which can be played either up, down, or shown on TV as written. 

Rafe: I want it feel simultaneously adult but accessible to all

Question: Nothing in the novels contradicts the assumption that the sea folk don't have a special relationship with aquatic mammals.  Will there be any dolphins during a majestic sea voyage montage?

Rafe: VERY IMPORTANT question.  WaFO

Question: What difficult to translate part of the series are you most excited for the community to see and why? 

Rafe: The relationships between the characters.

Question: Will the various cultures be based on various countries and will we get corresponding ethnicities and races?

Rafe: I really want to stay true to the books in creating a world that feels way more diverse than what we're used to seeing in our fantasy tv shows

Question: My question is for casting, specifically for Perrin. I know that casting is a long way off but when it does happen, how do I go about submitting myself without representation? If it helps I am in the Atlanta, Ga metro area. Prime place for filming

Rafe: Ginger Perrin, eh?  Casting is a long way off and handled by our casting director.  So I’d suggest stalking him or her when we get there ;)

Question: What is your favorite moment in Book 1, and why (and do you plan on having characters sniff!) Thank you! 

Rafe: My favorite moment is Rand and Tam in the Westwood.  It’s so iconic to me and gives me the “this is happening” feels

Question: How many times have you listened to @tWoTcast to prepare for writing the show?

Rafe: Probably not enough? :-0

Question: What do you think about addressing multiple main character PoV's? Do you think you would focus ONE episode/sequence of episodes on ONE branch of the overall story, or switch between PoV's  within an episode, even though they are not dependent?

Rafe: I think both are fair game.  I always think mixing things up in a tv show and keeping the audience guessing with HOW you're going to tell the story adds a lot to the experience.  

Question: What do you think will have to hit the cutting room floor from the Eye of the World in transitioning from book from show? As a follow up could those things re-emerge at a natural point later? 

Rafe: This is a WAFO, but there are already aspects of EoTW that I plan to use in different seasons

Question: With the importance of Padan Fain to the series, do you plan to disguise his "true-self" in the show better than his introduction in the book for those who haven't yet read the series?

Rafe: Yessir!

Question: Will you consider coming on the Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast? Obviously all book but no show spoilers will be on the table.

Rafe: I consider everything, but truthfully media appearances are usually carefully organized by a marketing person from the studio/network

Question: As a fan, who were your favorite characters?

Rafe: Already answered this, but I’ll give you another — Graendal!

Question: Hi Rafe- do you think there will be a visual way to see the use of the One Power? Or will it be the cause/effect making us aware of the use?

Rafe: I think we will see it visually.

Question: Other than online, fans may want to be a part of the cast, is that possible when casting comes up?

Rafe: All casting will be handled by the casting director when we get there!  Hopefully we will have some fans on the show

Question: When building the broad arch of story for the series, are you starting with the mindset of “all plot threads included” or “start with the core plot threads and expand where possible”?   Some threads, like The Bowl of the Winds do not move the story very far

Rafe: The latter, certainly.  Always looking for story that serves character.  That said, there are iconic moments in the book that simply need to exist and I will find ways to include them

Question: have you ever considered making WoT into a animated series?

Rafe: Nope, only live action for me :) 

Question: In reference to casting, will you be looking for "unknowns", already established actors, or both?

Rafe: Both!

Question: Thank you Rafe!  Presumably, you can’t say much, but it will be interesting to see how you visually discern between The True Power and The One Power in use, and of OP, how to discern between saidar and saidin (corrupted and cleansed).  Thoughts?

Rafe: I think there are actually descriptions in the book for all of this that can translate well to screen (slick oil taint etc)

Question: Hey, Rafe! SO pumped to see this happening- do you plan on matching any specific accent to a region? Ex: English accent to Andor

Rafe: Yes and no.  It’ll be somewhat actor dependent but I’d like to find at least as much consistency as GoT has

Question: Can you provide any insight on how you plan to tackle Jordan's style of providing important details as part of character's internal dialog?

Rafe: That’s always the crux of screen adaptation.  It makes it fun!

Question: Will the show be full of fantasy, meaning using the one power, dragon's prophecies, world of dreams, snakes&foxes, props, special effects, etc? Will it feel like a fantasy world but with realistic characters? Hope so 😁 Thank you! 

Rafe: I want it to feel like a realistic fantasy world

Question: Hi Rafe, the narration itself is more lighthearted than sad with comical scenes and much humor - are you planning on running with that for the adaptation? 

Rafe: Of course.  Humor is key to making any world feel real

Question: Rafe, will Rand's romance plot remain close to the books? I mean, liking one girl at first but ending up with three in the end?

Rafe: No

Rafe followup: Let’s just say I’m much more interested in polyamory than polygamy.  And maybe give me a little more credit than assuming I’m gonna gut that entire story and ruin everything off a one word answer?  ;)

Question: Aside from the books themselves, what other TV shows or movies come to mind when you think about how you want the show to feel when viewers experience it?

Rafe: LoTR of course and GoT, but also not Shanarra

Question: Will each "season," assuming there are multiple seasons, cover 1 book or will they be split up based on storyline?

Rafe: It’ll be dependent on book/season and not the same throughout

Question: Are there any minor character/plot point/locations you are in love with but know you’ll have to cut for time? Non spoiler because I said minor right? 

Rafe: We lose a lot of Cenn Buie, and I like his grumpy old manness.

Question: Will your scripts include scenes that occurred "off camera" in the books but could be used "on screen" for the show to progress the story in a fresh way? 

Rafe: Ding ding ding.  This is a big part of things I want to add.

Question: What is one tv show or movie that has influenced you with regards to overall visual aesthetic or plot development?

Rafe: I love the visuals of Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Question: Where will you be filming the various settings in the Wheel of Time? 

Rafe: Yet to be seen!

Question: What is your all time favourite moment of the series?

Rafe: Egwene’s final scene

Question: When does casting begin?

Rafe: ðŸ¤

Question: How does WoT's wide cast of characters, impact script writing for the TV-show. With characters like Tam, Elaida and more being vital, shown early but not seen for a long time again later?

Rafe: It’ll be a puzzle of casting and contracts but it’s a puzzle I think is worth figuring out

Question: Hi Mr. Judkins, thanks for taking these questions. For the direction of the series are you going to stick close to the books or more of a reimagining/your own spin?

Rafe: Close to the books!  I love them for a reason

Question: How do you plan to display exactly what a ta’veren is?

Rafe: Through conversation/action

Question: which character are you the most eager to be seen played on screen? 

Rafe: Moiriane.  Obviously.

Question: Hey @rafejudkins ! Are there any plot lines that you already know are going to be cut from the show, and if so, any hints as to which? Also, thank you for allowing us to bombard you with our questions! 

Rafe: Not looking to cut major plot lines, more reshuffle/repurpose/etc

Question: Will you picture less charecters and storylines than the original material to reduce screetime and cut on budget ? If so, any idea of the characters and parts of the book that may not appear in the show ? 

Rafe: Again, will try to include as much as I can, but will always cut things that don’t tell us more about character

Question: Could you describe how you picture the main ta'veren characters looking as you write them, not naming names if you picture actors but what do they look like to you. If you cant do all three for possibly semi-obvious reasons i'm most interested in Perrin 

Rafe: I've found that the pictures you create in your head of characters always end up being different than the actors you actually cast, and then once you do have those actors, it becomes impossible to picture them any other way!

Question: Do you have a plan for either highlighting/emphasizing or condensing/cutting (some of) the Forsaken?  Or is it too early to plan for that still?

Rafe: I do have a plan for this!

Question:  ok..... I’ll try....  in EotW(book), you have the Rand/Mat/Thom storyline, Perrin/Egwene, Moiraine/Lan/Nynaeve..... which are you focused on the most?  🤷‍♂️😬 I hope that clarifies it a bit?

Rafe: We will hopefully follow all of those stories very fully.  That's one of the beauties of TV, is following multiple POVs in one episode :)

Question: So what is your favourite scene in the series that you can't wait to see on screen ..or feel horrified you have to pull it off

Rafe: Most I’m just excited about, terror comes in for things like Rands journey through Rhuidean.  I hope I can do it justice.

Question: Which characters are you most and least looking forwards to casting? 

Rafe: Most — Moiraine.  Least — Moiraine.

Question: Thoughts on details that go unnoticed/unexplained for several books? Things that seem extraneous until rereading the books. IE cats liking female channelers, such as Basil Gill's cat leaving his ankles for Moiraine's. Especially excited for the cats.

Rafe: I personally love details like this and think they add so much

Question: What is the character/scene which you're most looking forward to penning? 

Rafe: That's a good/hard question.  I think when we go to the Waste and spend time with the Aiel, I just see that so clearly in my head and can't WAIT to see a whole bunch of warrior gingers :)

Question: Will efforts be made to cast Rand TALL and ginger?

Rafe: Efforts will be made

Question: If I were to say that the Two Rivers is to Andor as Wales is to England, would you agree? #WoTWednesday #WheelofTime (Hoping that you'll give a good nod to the Arthurian influence in that regard, maybe take some notes from #Excalibur for the filming location)

Rafe: I would like the show to feel very different than other fantasy things we’ve seen before

Question: Hi Rafe, in regards to special effects, what are you envisioning for weaving the one power on screen.  

Rafe: Again, director dependent but I think it’ll be great.  I loved how it looked in Doc Strange.

Question: how do you plan to handle all the dream sequences? (I hope you are not planning to cut most of them)

Rafe: No!  I love tel’aran’rhiod and want it to be on the show in a big way

Question: Are there any characters that will be left out, or any two characters combined into a single character?

Rafe: I will try to avoid this if I can.  I think the bigness of the world adds so much.

Question: In an ideal world what real world locations would you use for the various settigns of the the first book? 

Rafe: This’ll really depend on base of operations.  But we hope to be going all over the world.  Things that look different and fresh to me are important

Question: Many female villains getting raped or ending up in permanent bondage while males justdie, rigid Mars-Venus gender division etc- troubling aspects of books. Plans to update/improve these? WoT’s gr8 to discuss gender but it isn’t without problems.

Rafe: I’m a feminist and it’s very important to me that the show is feminist in today’s context.  So a lot of those things will be changing

Question: who has been the hardest character for you to write for so far? And after Elayne, why is Mat is awesome?

Rafe: The hardest so far is Nynaeve.

Question: Ok what do you think about Saldaean farmgirls?

Rafe: I think they most embody my spirit

Question: Which storyline is the most difficult to bring to the screen?

Rafe: Tel’aran’rhiod is an exciting but difficult challenge

Question: how do y’all plan on showing Min’s viewings? Will we be able to see the aura’s as if through her eyes, or will it be more along the lines of her stating what she sees and we take her at her word?

Rafe: Hey!  I’ll answer only because this is till a WaFO.  Good question though and something I’m thinking about :)

Question: Will there be braid tugging and dress smoothing?

Rafe: Less than the books

Question: Hello Rafe, Do you anticipate Season 1 taking up eye of the world and season 2 being The Great Hunt?

Rafe: Yes and no

Question: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters from the series?

Rafe: Faile.  But I promise she’ll be awesome on the show

Question: Anything we can do to help Amazons decision on whether to green light the show.

Rafe: Tell them how much you love it ALL DAY EVERY DAY :)

Question: What scene/chapter are you most looking forward to bringing to the screen and why?

Rafe: I can’t wait to write Dumai’s Wells

Question: Do you (and your team) have freedom to make significant changes to the story or do you have to keep by the books?

Rafe: We have freedom to do what we want, but what I want is to stay true to the books

Question: Good morning and thank you. Who is your favorite female character in #WoT, and please explain why. With a cast of so many tremendous and powerful female characters, why does she especially resonate, or connect with you?

Rafe: I think Moiraine redefined the “guide” character in fantasy and will probably forever go down as one of the most important characters in the genre, regardless of gender

Question: before and after each book, there are snippets of prophecy or song or poetry or the like. would those be integrated into the show in some way, or left out? 

Rafe: Some will be integrated!

Question: Are there any thoughts or plans around how long the episodes are going to be? Or is it too far away for those kind of decisions? 

Rafe: Hour!

Question:  Hi Rafe! Are you planning on having any input from Harriet McDougal or even Brandon Sanderson on the series?

Rafe: Yes of course!

Question: with as many characters and locations and the nature of the magic system how hard do you foresee it being to balance keeping a visually interesting show and one that keeps a reasonable budget?

Rafe: I think focusing on character is the way to make any budget work.  Then doing the battles and magic when we have the budget to make it look amazing

Question: Which Characters do you most look forward to bringing to the Screen. I don't mean Casting. Just which characters from the series you are most excited to Translate to film.

Rafe: So many!  Moiraine mostly though for what I think she can mean to young women

Question: are egwenes dreamers dreams going to be shown or just talked about?

Rafe: Shown hopefully

Question: Thank you so much for doing this!! Any chance you will be able to incorporate more LGBTQ characters than in the books?

Rafe: Yes!

Question:  Without giving away too much, which scenes are you most excited to write/see come to life from any of the books? Also when is casting/when should we get our earliest casting news? 

Rafe: Can’t wait to write Rand trapped in the box!!

Rafe: Ahhhh I’m dead.  Exhausted and broken.  But I think I answered them all!  If I missed yours, reply to it with #rafeyoumissedthis and I’ll look at it later today.  Thanks for the amazing questions!  Wish I could’ve given real answers for more, but then you’d know too much :)

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