Patrick Strapazon - Wheel of Time TV Series Assistant

Rafe Judlkins, The Wheel of Time TV series Showrunner, introduced us to the newest member of the Wheel of Time team, his Assistant:

While Narg is sure that Patrick is a great guy, the thing that got Narg really excited about this announcement, was that Rafe, needs an assistant! Add that to Rafe starting #WoTWednesday just weeks after the Head of Amazon Studios says she'll be seeing the script in the coming weeks, and things certainly seem to be pointing in the right direction for the show actually happening. C'mon Amazon, make it official!

Anyways, back to Patrick, lets take a look at who he is:

As you can see, he likes La Croix and Wheel of Time..good combination? Narg will let you decide!

Work History:

From August 2009 - August 2012, he worked at HBO as an Executive Assistant.

After that he moved to Mutant Enemy Productions, and worked as an Assistant to Joss Whedon until August 2015. During that time he got a credit for Age of Ultron.

He then moved on to Fox 2000 Pictures as an Executive Assistant and stayed there until June 2017.

2017 - until yesterday-ish, he was working on a little known show called Game of Thrones, as an Assistant to David Nutter(Director). He has credits for three episodes of Season Eight as Nutter's assistant.

Going by his LinkedIn profile, not only has he worked for some big names and companies, he has had an uninterrupted period of employment working as an Assistant since 2009. That's an impressive resume INO!

What does an Assistant to a Showrunner do? Assist obviously...😜

Narg found the following articles helpful:

The job is akin to any other assistant gig in Hollywood. Difference is, your boss is running a corporation called a “TV show” and it employs hundreds of people. It’s the showrunner’s job to run the corporation smoothly, to make the best television possible. It’s your job make sure your boss can do their job well.

Interview with a Showrunners Assistant
The day-to-day is basically managing my boss’s needs and also everything that everyone else involved in the show needs from him. His time is very important, and there are a lot of requests that are constantly coming in for him to approve things, to look at things, to read things. I have to make sure that he’s getting to everything he’s supposed to be getting to.
There’s also typical assistant stuff that translates to any position. There’s answering phones, scheduling and calendars, and making sure the office knows what meetings are happening when we’re prepping an episode. I also take notes on ‘notes calls’ that we have with the studio and network.

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