Keeper of the Dark: Alviarin Freidhen

Hey guys, so it has been a couple weeks since my last post and I am sorry about that. But that adulting is once again cramping my WoT Style. Anyway, I am back with this week's casting post. 

Member of the White Ajah 
Keeper of the Chronicles under Elaida during the White Tower Schism
Head of the Supreme Council of the Black Ajah

Alviarin Freidhen

As far as Black Ajah members go, she is a pretty important one. While Eladia wasn’t entirely stable, Alviarin’s treatment of pushed her over the edge. Alviarin was White Ajah and behaved very much like one despite being a member of the Black. Several times throughout the book she is described as being cold, calm and icy. The only time this demeanor changed was when she was being sarcastic or just plain mean. But even then we rarely see her lose her composure.

As far as her physical appears she was slim, cool faced and swan-necked with slender hands. She was 5’4” with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was born on the border of Tarabon but doesn’t have the honey-colored hair associated with Taraboners.

Just a little aside, I always pictured her with blonde hair. I don’t know if it is because she was always described as “cool” or because she was evil. Not that blonde women are inherently evil, but movies and tv often seem to portray the “mean” girls as being blonde hair and blue eyed. Either way, I was wrong because she has dark brown hair.

Oddly enough I found a lot of actresses that may be a good fit for the part, both visually and acting wise. Now the visual aspect may be because I did not have a firm picture of Alviarin in my mind. I know that may seem odd because she does feature in the story quite a bit, but I never assigned specific features to her. She also appears to be a bit of a one-dimensional character. 

Since she was a loner we don’t really learn much about her from the books. During just about all of her interactions with other characters, she is cool, calm and collected. Or just kind of being a jerk. We do have some inner dialogue from her, but nothing that delves too deep into her motivations. The Encylopedia gives us more insight into her character. She really was quite vicious is a clinical way which is probably why she was handpicked by Ishmael to head the Black Ajah in 983 NE.

Much like with casting Semirhage, we are going to need an actress that can play calm and cool almost unbothered really. And she will need to be a strong enough actress that the audience believes in her ability to bully actress that plays Elaida.

I did manage to narrow it down to three actresses

First, we have Robin Givens. I think she would absolutely kill this part. She has the aloofness and the coldness. I think she fits what description she has of Alviarin, and I can definitely see her being a bully. 
Robin Givens
Second, we have Rashida Jones. While most of her acting experience is in comedies, I think this role would be good for her as an actress. It would be a chance for her to show a wider skill range. And to be honest, sarcasm is just the stepchild of comedy. I believe Rashida has the skill to pull off a believable Alviarin.
Rashida Jones

My third pick for Alviarin is Nicola Posener. Nicola is a London born actress best known for her role as Yvonne on the Bold and the Beautiful. She has quite a bit of experience in both television and the big screen, and I think her prior experience would make a formidable Alviarin.
Nicola Posener

So those are my picks for Alviarin.  I must say, I am enjoying researching characters and actors.

I haven't decided who will be the subject of my next post. I think I will go back to the Forsaken for a while.  Is there a villain you would like to see cast? Let me know

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