First Glimpse of the Wheel of Time TV Script

Rafe Judkins, The Wheel of Time Showrunner has shared the first glimpse of The Wheel of Time TV Series script on twitter, as part of #WoTWednesday. Previously he has shared the cover pagers for the first two episodes that revealed the episode titles and writers. Which were, "Leavetaking" by Rafe Lee Judkins and "Shadow's Waiting" by Amanda Kate Shuman.

If you're wondering about the words in caps:

So what can we take away from this? 

First and most importantly, Rafe understands the importance of Bela! 

Secondly, From the phrasing of the opening line, this is not the first scene in "The Two Rivers".

"We're higher in the mountains", seems to suggest that there is a scene "lower down" that comes before it. What could it be? A scene of Emonds Field, Dark shapes moving through the woods, Narg picking his teeth? Alternatively, it could be the camera view looking down?

It has also been noted by more critical fans, that the al'Thor farm is not up in the mountains. It's in the Westwood and The Sand Hills lie between it and the mountains. If this is a make or break moment for you on whether to watch the show....It's probably best not to watch😉

Still no word from Amazon on whether they are actually going ahead with the show. We live in hope!

If you'd like to discuss this news with Narg, you can do so HERE!

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