It's Official, The Wheel of Time TV series is at Amazon!

In an interview with Deadline, Amazon Studios Head, Jennifer Salke had the following to say:

DEADLINE: What is the status of other high-profile genre projects that have been in early development at Amazon or stuck in deal-making limbo for a long time, The Wheel of Time (based on the fantasy books), and The Dark Tower, (based on the book and the movie)?

SALKE: Those are scripts that I haven’t gotten yet. I’ll be seeing those, that material, in the coming weeks. None of those things are dead. They’re very much alive.

So there you have it. We finally have official confirmation!

This doesn't mean the show is actually happening only that we now have official confirmation that Amazon is the network involved and that they haven't made a decision on it yet.

What we know:
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal

Wheel of Time joins a stellar SciFi and Fantasy slate of shows in development at Amazon. Other titles include a Lord of the Rings spinoff, Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard, Ringworld by Larry Niven, Lazarus by Greg Rucka , Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett, Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks and The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

Amazon have deep pockets. They have $4.5 billion in 2018 reportedly earmarked for original content. They could throw $100M at each of these shows for their first seasons and still have $3.6B left over for other content. Narg doesn't think we need to worry about budgetary restraints. The main concern Narg has, is that the show will have heavy competition from its stablemates and Amazon may be quick to axe any of the shows that under perform.

It looks like Amazon's tactic is to buy up bestselling book franchises and hope something sticks and becomes the next Game of Thrones.

Now it's up to Rafe and Sony to produce the goods and hopefully Salke likes what she reads and gives it the greenlight!

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