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Robert Jordan's personal book collection is up for sale:
This Friday, May 4th, Mr. K's is excited to introduce the Robert Jordan collection for sale at all four of its stores. The collection is from the personal library of the acclaimed fantasy author, Robert Jordan, born James Oliver Rigney, Jr., who passed away in 2007.
Mr. K's is proud to share this vast acquisition, with a variety of subject matter including world and military history, weaponry, art, languages and numerous other categories, all used by Mr. Jordan as reference material for writing his popular novels. They were purchased directly by Mr. K's from the author's home library in Charleston, SC.
Many of the items are signed by the author, several marked with his personalized embossed seal and others using his real name. The selections being displayed at our stores on Friday is just the tip of the iceberg, and more will be added as it is processed.
These volumes make up a once in a lifetime collection of fascinating books. There is something for almost everyone, so come in and check them out.
Mr. K's locations are in Asheville, North Carolina, Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina, and Johnson City, Tennessee. Here be some photos from the collection: shone the spotlight on Cosplay from JordanCon X:

The Wheel of Conventions turns, and Cosplays come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Convention that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called 2018 by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Conventions. But it was a beginning.
Part 11 of Kelsey Jefferson Barrett's read along continues with chapters 34-36:
There’s a lot of great detail in these chapters, and the exposition is some of the smoothest we have had to date. From Bunt’s chattering about Queen Morgase and the royal connection to Tar Valon, to Loial’s scholarly explanations of how the Pattern works, to the important misidentification by the Ogier of Rand as an Aielman (if it was a misidentification at all) the reader has learned a lot they didn’t know before. The explanation of how the Pattern works might be the most significant in terms of the whole tale, but the fact that Loial believes Rand to be an Aielman will probably be very important to Rand later.
Narg's mini Mat is in finally in his box...

Featured Forum Topic: Location, Location, Location!
We know that much of the scenery will be CGI; Places like the Stone of Tear, Dragonmount and Tar Valon will have to be rendered with CGI or built in a studio, but what about the Aiel Wastes, the Two Rivers, the Blight? Where would you shoot these?
Stone of Tear?

If you're into Wheel of Time fanfiction, might want to keep an eye out for this little shortfilm available 6.1.2018.

CivilizationEx on YouTube gives us a history lesson: 
A brief history of Artur Hawkwing, from his time as King of Shandalle to his reign as High King of the Westlands and his legacy after death.

Featured Artist

Rand and Tam, Winternight

 Exploring Shadar Logoth

The evil of Shadar Logoth, Mashadar

Egwene and Bela escaping Shadar Logoth

Don't know about you, but Narg is loving his work. If you share Narg's love, be sure to let Gal know how much you appreciate his work on Instagram! Hopefully he'll continue to sketch as he reads! He's on his first read through.

The Wheel of Time TV Show

Related News:

The Wertzone has a nice recap of mainly what's listed below, but Adam also throws in some speculation about why there hasn't been an announcement:
The reasons for the ongoing obfuscation are likely linked to the different partners involved: Amazon, Sony and Radar Pictures all have part of the production pie, whilst the Bandersnatch Group (the official name of the Robert Jordan Estate) and Red Eagle Productions have producer and advisory roles. As a result no formal announcement can be made until all five of these parties (and likely others) are satisfied with the pilot script and the progress of the project. This may happen imminently or it may still be a few months away. Amazon have also announced a lot of projects recently and likely want to open up some room before making further big announcements.
What we know:

Network: Unknown but there is one! (most likely Amazon, but no official confirmation from them)
Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal


(22 April 2018) Harriet McDougal confirmed that the show does have a distributor/network attached. This has been widely speculated but had not been confirmed by anyone attached to the show. No word on who, but Amazon remains the favorite given what's below and she said it wasn't a traditional network.

(9 April 2018) Head of Genre/Event series at Amazon Studio's Confirms Dark Tower via Twitter then deletes tweet. Though not directly related to WoT, this does lend credence to the Deadline article mentioned below. Narg was highly skeptical of WoT actually being in development with Amazon based on just that article, but it would seem highly probable that it is, now that the DT part has been proven correct. Also worth noting is that The DT showrunner mentioned having just completed a new script, and we know Rafe via Instagram inferred he had a deadline for his WoT script coming up a few weeks ago. Could be that they had the same Deadline.

(21 Feb 2018) In an article by Deadline concerning Amazon picking up Iain M. Banks’ classic sci-fi Culture book series, the following was said:
As part of the effort, Amazon made a mega deal for a Lord Of the Rings TV series and is developing a slew of high-profile titles, including The Dark TowerWheel of Time, Ringworld, Lazarus and Snow Crash.
Error, wishful thinking or letting the cat out of the bag? Which ever it is, Narg isn't believing it until Amazon themselves announce it or Deadline actually reports the news in a dedicated article.

Quite a few news websites have reported the story, most of them focusing on The Dark Tower mention using the above quote as their source. and IGN being the biggest of the bunch, but major Industry sites like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter haven't. is also choosing not to bite yet.

Attempts by Narg and others to get clarification from Deadline have yielded zero results and all Amazon had to say was: does not comment about rumors or speculative news reports.
(9 Feb 2018) Ted Field is in the news again and promoting The Wheel of Time.

In an article on Deadline he had the following to say:
"If Beirut is arriving at a difficult time, Field believes his TV show with Sony, Wheel of Time, may find its moment. The show is set in the distant future when women now rule a universe that has been all but destroyed by the male power structure – “the ultimate gender dynamics series,” Field says. The show is based on a series of 14 volumes written by Robert Jordan (pen name for James O. Rigney Jr). “Timing is part of the roller coaster ride,” Field observes.
(2 Feb 2018) Rafe Judkins the Wheel of Time Showrunner teased us with the Hashtag #WoTmeets LotR from Guatemala where he was on a writers retreat, seemingly indicating he was working on WoT.

Three weeks ago it was announced that Rafe had been picked to rewrite the Uncharted Movie. Looks like that gig isn't getting in the way of him working on WoT.

(18 Jan 2018) Ted Fields Lawyer spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and teased us with this:
One of those announcements will be a television series for Wheel of Time
Other than that not a peep since JordanCon back in April 2017, at which we learnt the following:
Sony Pictures Television has signed a contract with executive producer Ted Field of Radar Productions (with whom Bandersnatch Group signed a contract last year) to develop a TV production of the Wheel of Time series.
And a week or so later:
We understand that Rafe and Ted are currently in discussions with a number of content distributors/networks, and that negotiations will be concluded soon. Sorry, we don't know who they are.
Source for both comments from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Googleplus page.

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