Rafe Judkins, The Wheel of Time Showrunner, Gets Yet Another Job

Back in January, Rafe got the gig to rewrite the Screenplay for The Uncharted Movie. Today he got yet another gig. He will be producing/writing The Last Amazons for Atrium TV:
Ava DuVernay (“A Wrinkle in Time”) will helm “The Last Amazons,” a drama about the great mythical Amazon queens, their lives, loves and their major battles, notably against the Ancient Greeks. “Narcos” producer Gaumont will make the series, which Rafe Judkins (“Chuck”) will produce.
Deadline have him as the writer:
The Last Amazon is an epic historical series from Gaumont (Narcos). Written by Rafe Judkins, produced by Gene Stein (Narcos) and with Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle In Time) attached to executive produce, the character-driven series will focus on the great Amazon Queens such as Antiope and Hippolyta, portraying their loves and major battles, notably, their campaign against the Ancient Greeks.
Positive Spin: These two jobs, seem to indicate that people think he's got talent, which can only be a good thing for his work on The Wheel of Time.

Negative Spin: Wheel of Time would be his first gig as a Showrunner if it gets "greenlit". You'd think that if he was confident of that happening, he wouldn't be taking on more work. Sure maybe he's the "Brandon Sanderson" of TV show writers and can juggle multiple projects, but show running a major big budget show like WoT would not be a cake walk.

Time will tell, but Narg died a little...

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