Casting The Wheel of Time: Height

Let's be honest, Robert Jordan had a height fetish. Nearly all of his male characters, plus the most kickass race of warriors(Trollocs) were giants. Then you've got all those bean stalk Aiel running around.

Narg is not just saying this because he's a below average height Trolloc. Narg has a diagram!

As you can see the average American male is feeling a bit short

Narg is basing the average height for male Aiel at around 6'7", as Rand say's that the Aiel clan chiefs(except Han) are either his height or taller. Trollocs are in the 8-10 foot range so, Narg just went with 9 foot.

So what does that all mean for casting the TV show?

Well when people post casting suggestions on different WoT sites, people are always like, "but is he tall enough?"or "he's to short!". Narg finds this nearly as frustrating as people only choosing red haired actors for Rand...Hair can be dyed people!!!!! back to the height issue...

If the casting directors attempted to stay true to the books, they would be hamstringing themselves, especially in the casting of Rand. While there may be a few talented young actors around 6'6", there would be a hell of a lot more in the 5'9" to 6'2" range and finding enough actors and extra's to play the Aiel would be difficult. Yes, camera angles can be used to make people seem taller, but doing so limits how scenes can be shot.

The easiest way to solve this while staying true to the books, is to reduce the scale. Mat becomes the average American height, Perrin becomes Mat's height and Rand, Perrin's. For Trollocs, assuming they go the costume/prosthetic route, finding body builder extras in the 6'2'-6'8' range shouldn't be to difficult. Once they are in costume and have platforms on, they'll probably be around 7-8 foot. Then all they need to do, is cast average american height males in all the other roles, and they won't need to worry about camera angles to always make Rand the tallest person in the scene.

So to sum things up: Reducing the heights makes casting the main actors and shooting scenes easier, and doesn't make below average height Trollocs feel short!

Think Narg's a genius, stating the obvious or just a loon? Share your thoughts HERE!

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