Harriet Confirms Wheel of Time TV Show has a Network

As you may be aware, the Tenth Annual JordanCon is currently on in Atlanta. There has been news about the TV show at the previous two, and this one is no different. The following "New" news was gleaned from the Team Jordan Panel.

Disclaimer: Narg was not present at the panel, but this comes from two sources who were. Without an actual recording, Narg can't say for sure if the wording is the same Harriet used. Feel free to let Narg know if you were there and the following is inaccurate.

Harriet said:

  • The show has a distribution deal
The distributor would be the Network who airs the show.
  • She doesn't know who but its not a traditional network
This seems a bit odd. If she knows enough to know that it's not a traditional network, then you'd assume she knows who it is. If that was how she phrased it, then she may, in her effort not to accidentally spill the beans have overcompensated and went from "I can't say" to "I don't know". That or she's being totally kept out of the loop, but the next two points don't support that or her not knowing.
  • There is a script, she hasn't seen it but the distributor likes it and she's heard it's very good
Having not seen the script, seems to indicate that her "Consulting Producer" credit is not all that meaningful at the moment. Still, the very good part sounds alright. Awesome would have been better ;)
  • Season One is guaranteed not just a Pilot
Narg interprets that as "IF" the network decides to go ahead(Greenlight) the show, then they have committed to a full season and not just ordering a Pilot. Whoever the unnamed network is, is keeping their involvement TOP SECRET for some reason. The most obvious explanation is that they haven't fully committed to taking the show, and for some reason don't even want to let on that they have the show "in development". Light knows why?!? 

Ok so that's the news. The main thing to take away from it, is that we now know the show is one step closer to becoming reality. Getting a network on board is a big step and now we just need to get them to "put a ring on it" and announce themselves!

So who is this "non traditional" network? We can assume, Harriet means a streaming network. So here are the contenders:

Amazon: The clear favorite given the Deadline mention in the Consider Phlebas article and the consequent shenanigans around the tweet that gave credence to it. They are trying to Keep The Dark Tower secret, so it's not a stretch to think they are doing the same for WoT. Both shows are from Sony.

Netflix: They have been pretty open and have allowed their Showrunner on The Witcher to be very upfront about what is happening with that show, so it doesn't really make any sense for them to be keeping WoT a secret. 

Apple: They have been actively acquiring new shows and haven't been shy in letting the media know when they acquired one. Though they don't have a fantasy show yet...

Disney/Hulu: Other than announcing shows that they already held the rights to(“High School Musical,” an animated “Monsters Inc.” series, a Marvel live-action title, and a “Star Wars” live-action title), they have been quiet on what their new original programming might be. So they could be a possibility. Disney will have a controlling stake in Hulu, so Narg has lumped them together.

Crackle: This is Sony's own free ad supported streaming service and is the least desirable of the bunch given there content. Please no!

CBS All Access: Possible, but given they are a branch of CBS, one of the "traditional" networks, Narg not sure Harriet would have separated the two.

JordanCon, still has one day to run, so Narg will update, if any more infomation comes to hand.

Thanks to Laddr on the forum for sharing and to WoTfan17 on reddit for confirming.

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