Wheel of Time Showrunner Teases us with Hashtag!

Rafe Judkins the Wheel of Time Showrunner is currently in Guatemala on a writers retreat and has seemingly confirmed via hashtag that he's working on the WoT screenplay/script.

Narg replied to this pic quoting the Karaethon Cycle and Rafe "liked it". Rafe then posted the following photo:

Take note of the Hashtag #wotmeetslotr!
One would assume that he'd already have written the Pilot and outline of the show way back around the time when it was announced he was the Showrunner and Sony was onboard. This latest tease from Rafe may indicate things are moving forward.

He's on this writers retreat with Amanda Kate Shuman who has writing credits for "Chuck", The Following", "The Blacklist" and "Berlin Station". They could be just two friends on a writers retreat together or perhaps Rafe hired her to work on the show with him. We'll have to wait and see. 

Some food for thought.

Thanks to Blutarsky on twitter for seeing the hashtag. Narg totally missed it;)

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