Myrddraal! How Do You Picture Them?

Art by J.E. VanAllen Jr.

How Myrddraal look in the TV series will be nearly as important as how Trollocs look. They should be cheaper to do than Trollocs, as all they need to do is pull off the "eyeless" look, and use music/sound effects to make us feel fear. Getting the sound right is probably harder than getting the look.

Among fans and artists who have drawn Myrddraal there is a wide variety of how people actually picture them.

This is how Myrddraal are described in the books:
It was a man in form, no larger than most, but there the resemblance ended. Dead black clothes and cloak, hardly seeming to stir as it moved, made its maggot-white skin appear ever paler. And it had no eyes.
A man's face, but pasty white, like a slug under a rock, and eyeless
Lets start with official art first:

Graphic Novel

World of Wheel of Time

Pretty boring INO and what's with the Beatles haircut?!?

Lets see if the fans can do a better job:


There's tonnes more but those are some of the best Narg has seen. Some would require VFX and prosthetics, while others just a bit of prosthetic and makeup work.

Some humans find dressing up as Myrddraal fun, so we can actually see examples of makeup and prosthetics to give us an idea of how good that would look on TV:



As you can see, both art and live portrayals are split between having a scarred look, smooth sockets and no sockets at all. For Narg, the ones that best resemble the real thing are the last drawing by Bloodredfullmoon and the first cosplay photo. 

At the end of the day though, making the audience feel the bone chilling incapacitating fear that the eyeless gaze causes is INO more important than appearance...assuming they don't look super cheesy.

What say you?

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