Radar's Ted Field Set to Announce the Future of The Wheel of Time TV Series

That is according to The Hollywood Reporters article about how Jumanji's success at the box office has saved Ted Field and Radar from going broke. They admit they don't know how much of the profit Ted will get and they didn't actually speak to Field, only his Lawyer, so the whole article should be taken with a grain of salt, as it may just be a PR thingy me bob to make it look like Ted and Radar have a rosy future and ain't going broke.

If you don't follow. Radar is the Production company that got the TV rights after the dispute with Red Eagle Entertainment was settled. Radar then got Sony onboard as the Production Studio.

Anyway's this is what Ted's Lawyer said:
Jonathan Freund, Field's lawyer, says that a lot of people are given the moniker of billionaire without merit. "What's true is he's sunk millions into the company," he adds. "He now has the last laugh with Jumanji being a hit and he has other big announcements to come."
One of those announcements will be a television series for Wheel of Time, a fantasy series based on the work of Robert Jordan that has been compared to Game of Thrones. This franchise has been the subject of much mystery and speculation. When FXX rushed the production of a pilot and aired it at the odd hour of 1:30 am, all sorts of discussion proceeded on message boards and in the news media on whether the gambit was an attempt by one production company to hold onto rights. That led to a slander lawsuit, which was later settled. Now, Field is prepared to announce a future for Wheel of Time.
If we take all that at face value and combine it with Rafe's recent twitter frenzy, then we may have something to celebrate soon-ish. It will be interesting to see if any of the other Hollywood rags "are told" or "learn" anything about this announcement. If there is only one interested party, probably not, but if there are negotiations with more than one network going on then Narg wouldn't be surprised to see Deadline or Variety report that they have "learnt" about negotiations or a bidding war. Seems to be a common tactic to get one of the parties to sign.

Here's a quick recap of who's out, iffy and still in the running.


HBO (GoT Spin-offs)
Amazon (1 perhaps 2 Middle Earth shows)
Showtime (King Killer Chronicles)
SYFY (Have greenlit Outpost an original Fantasy series)


Netflix (has "The Witcher" but due to its subscriber base being bigger than all the US cable companies combined, it would be silly to say they can't do two big Fantasy shows)

CBS Direct (CBS owns Showtime and sell it as an add on to their streaming service, so it's iffy that they'd also do their own big fantasy show)


AMC (Has a strong partnership with Sony and other than being stingy on budgets for their shows, would be a good fit. With "The Walking Dead" ratings starting to decline they might be looking for the next big thing)

Apple TV (Ex Sony Pictures Television bosses are in charge and have a Billion in loose change to spend on ten or so shows, have announced six so far)

Disney (are launching a streaming service in 2019 and so far have four live-action series based on Disney properties in development: Star Wars, High School Musical, Monsters, Inc. and Marvel)

StarZ (they have "Outlander" and "Amercian Gods" but no straight up fantasy show...surely they don't want to be the only one of the big established channels not to have one)

Crackle is Sony's free SVOD offering and they have been doing original content, so ya never know, if no one else wants it, Sony may make it for themselves. It would certainly make more people aware of them.

The above in Narg's opinion are the major contenders, any other network or streaming service is extremely unlikely and undesirable INO.

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