The Daily Trolloc (13)

Issue 13. (Art by Charles Keegan)

The Wheel of Time TV Show

What we know:

Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal

New News: Not a peep since JordanCon back in April at which we learnt the following:
Sony Pictures Television has signed a contract with executive producer Ted Field of Radar Productions (with whom Bandersnatch Group signed a contract last year) to develop a TV production of the Wheel of Time series.
Related News:

You could probably hear the gnashing of teeth and wails of despair at Antarctica as Wheel of Time Fans learnt that Amazon is in talks with Warner Bros. to adapt The Lord of the Rings for TV.
Warner Bros. Television and the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien are in talks with Amazon Studios to develop a series based on the late author’s “The Lord of the Rings” novels. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is said by sources with knowledge of the situation to be personally involved in the negotiations, which are still in very early stages. No deal has been set.
Narg was going to write something insightful and meaningful about what this means for WoT, but Narg is lazy and Adam from the Wertzone beat him to it so....
The Amazon/LotR discussions are troubling to Wheel of Time fans as they would seem to shut down the most logical pairing of network and project. However, other networks remain in play. I would say at the moment that Starz, AMC and FX may now all be more likelier destinations for the project, with CBS All Access and Netflix as outsider players. If Amazon choose not to proceed with LotR, I suspect they would also take another look at Wheel of Time.
Read the whole thing as he covers all the major contenders. The only bones of contention Narg has with that though is that CBS owns Showtime, so Narg wouldn't even rate CBS All Access as even an outside contender and although Starz would be a good home for WoT, if Showtime/CBS were smart they would have put in condition as part of the deal to buy KingKiller Chronicles from Lionsgate that Lionsgate don't put a straight Fantasy show on Starz(which they own) to compete with KKC.

Adam also left out Apple TV as a contender. Narg only puts Apple in there as a contender as the top brass at Apple TV are the former Sony Pictures Television bosses. They very well could be the white knight that saves Wheel of Time from sitting on the shelf.

As for AMC and their stingy budgets, Narg has a solution to that. AMC is risk adverse when starting new expensive shows. They have in the past only had first seasons consisting of 6 episodes and then upping the number to 10 then 16 in subsequent seasons if the audience keeps growing. While EotW doesn't lend itself to 6 episodes very well without major cuts, New Spring the short story(not the novel) does. Why the short story and not the expanded novel? Well Narg thinks having all the stuff that occurs at the White Tower would lessen the impact of when Moiraine uses the Power in EotW. The wow factor wouldn't be there.

New Spring other than being about the right size to fit into five or six episodes also has the advantage of being a lot cheaper to make(no battles, low magic use, not multiple locations) and will not suffer the same initial LotR's comparison that EoTW would suffer from. Sure it will still be there in the 2nd season but Lan and Moiraine will already be established characters and not Gandalf in drag and a Aragorn/Strider clone. If it's successful enough AMC might be able to be persuaded to loosen the purse strings. Maybe.

Time will tell what happens post Game of Thrones in the Fantasy TV genre, hopefully WoT will play a part. Sony and Radar though better get a move on otherwise they'll be left sitting on the biggest untapped Fantasy franchise! Would be a bit embarrassing really...

In other related news Narg decided to start stalking Rafe Judkins on Instagram. Seems to be the place he is most active on social media. So what's Rafe been up to since he was announced show runner?

Well shortly before or during(hard to tell if they are old photos) the time he was announced as show runner he visited this nice looking place. The dude travels alot!

al'Thor Farm anyone???

July 3rd:
Hrm....looks well read

He's worked on another project:

So what can we glean from all that? He's not tied to a desk writing for Wheel of Time and doesn't seem like WoT is tasking up much of his time.

General Wheel of Time News

Needs some blood stains....

Michael Anderson TV starts looking at WoT on YouTube:

In this segment of Michael Anderson TV we will discuss times where The Dragon Reborn: Rand al'Thor was tempted and seduced by the Shadow to turn from the Light and align himself with The Dark One. We will look at specific examples where Ishamael and Lanfear both made offers to The Dragon to give him power and support in order for him to align with themselves and serve the Shadow. We will show Rand's reaction and thoughts to these temptations and what his decisions were when offered.

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