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Issue 12. (Art by Boros-Szikszai)

The Wheel of Time TV Show

What we know:

Production Studio - Sony Pictures Television
Production Company - Radar Pictures
Show Runner - Rafe Judkins
Executive Producers - Ted FieldMike WeberDarren LemkeRed Eagle
Consulting Producer - Harriet McDougal

New News: Not a peep since JordanCon back in April at which we learnt the following:
Sony Pictures Television has signed a contract with executive producer Ted Field of Radar Productions (with whom Bandersnatch Group signed a contract last year) to develop a TV production of the Wheel of Time series.
Related News:

In what will frustrate many WoT fans, Showtime have announced that they have picked up Patrick Rothfuss' King Killer Chronicles. Yes, another unfinished fantasy saga is being adapted before Wheel of Time!
According to Showtime, the fantasy series "will follow a pair of wandering performers on their adventures through the unique and startling world of Temerant, immersing audiences in a universe of unexpected heroes, mystical places, and terrifying dark forces." In a slight twist, the show is being touted as an origin story that will begin a generation before the events of Rothfuss' first novel in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind.
Lionsgate is clearly hoping for a multiplatform franchise for Kingkiller, with a feature film and interactive games also being developed alongside the Showtime project.
Not set at the same time as the unfinished trilogy but Blood and Bloody Ashes, Wheel of Time has estimated to have sold 80m+ books worldwide!!! You'd be hard pressed to find any book/series that has sold any where close to that, that hasn't had some form of adaptation! What's WoT had? A First person shooter from 1999! Mothers Milk in a Cup!!!!

Someone at one of the Networks/Streaming services needs to grow a pair and toss the dice!

On the plus side with Lionsgate producing KKC for Showtime/CBS, it means Starz who Lionsgate own may be back in the mix of potential suitors for WoT. Narg had rated them unlikely due to thinking that they'd put KKC on their own channel.

General Wheel of Time News

Some guy called Crendor had a fish with Brandon Sanderson on YouTube. Skip to 29.10 minutes in to hear Sanderson talk about Jordan's style of writing vs his.

Featured Artist

There are a few more on her tumblr page if you are curious.

Jordan Interview Excerpts 

Source: Locus Online
“In fantasy you're allowed to have at least some dividing line between good and evil, right and wrong. I really believe people want that. In so much of literature there's total moral ambiguity: good is not merely the flip side of evil, it's on the same side of the coin. Quite often you can't tell the difference between the two. If you want to talk about good and evil in mainstream literature, you do it with a nudge and a wink to show that you're really joking, but in fantasy you can say, 'This is right, this is wrong; this is good, this is evil.' OK, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, but it's worth the effort to try.
 “Nobody has ever gotten up one morning and said, 'I am a villain' or 'I will be a villain.' What they say is 'I want power.' Serial killers want power, and so do rapists and a lot of other villains, but let’s stick with one sort as an example. You want power and you convince yourself that your being in power will be the best for everyone. That is the way most politicians work. But then there are the guys who say, 'I want power, and if I can convince them that it's the best for everyone, all to the good. I don't give a good goddam whether it is or not, as long as it's good for me.' He doesn't think he's a villain; he's just trying to do the best he can for himself. But he's on the road to villainy. Unfortunately, so are some of the guys who said, 'This is going to be for the best for all the people involved.' If you do what you believe is the best thing in the world and the result is you deliver millions of people into slavery, as Lenin did in Russia, are you a villain? Yes, you are.”
You can read all of the interview over at

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