Which Network would be the best fit for The Wheel of Time show?

Everyone has different views on who they'd like to see do The Wheel of Time, but which of the Networks is really the best fit for how Jordan wrote the books?

Narg thinks it's fair to say that whichever Network picks up the show and funds it will shape the direction and feel of the show to be inline with their demographic/psychographic or general style. For some networks this could be just small changes for others it could change the entire tone.

Lets go through the contenders:

HBO: Narg is pretty sure that HBO is the most unlikely to actually want the show given they are working on four or so 'Game of Thrones' spin offs to replace GoT with, but the fact that GoT has been such a success and looks so damn good, also makes it a fan favorite to do the WoT adaptation.

So what would a HBO version of Wheel of Time Look like? Nargs general feel about what HBO shows look like is sex, violence and plenty of swearing. WoT has the violence but not the other two. Would an HBO audience find "Blood and bloody ashes", "Mother's milk in a cup" or "Light" acceptable replacements for all the variants of fuck? Would they be content with the screen fading to black every time Rand is about to get lucky with one of his girls? Narg doesn't think they would and Narg doesn't think the HBO Board would either.

That being the case an HBO version of the show would replace/add to the swearing vocabulary, make the existing sex scenes graphic, add sex to the early books where there is none as well as throwing in more same sex relationships. For some that's probably a palatable or even wanted change, for others it won't be.

AMC: Walking Dead, Preacher, Into the Badlands are all extremely violent shows but don't have full sex scenes or a lot of swearing. That's the Vibe Narg gets from AMC. Based on that they'd actually be a pretty decent fit for Wheel of Time as RJ wrote it. Narg doesn't think the tone would differ much in the transition from book to screen.

The downside of  AMC is they are very stingy on budgets and a Wheel of Time show would be lucky to get even $5m per episode which is roughly half of what HBO gave GoT for the latest season. So AMC may stay truer to the books in tone but there would have to be other major story changes to make it on such a small budget. Narg and his friends might be cut! They also tend to have very short first season's(6 episodes) for risky new shows and then slowly add more for each additional season. Narg not sure EotW can be condensed into six episodes, though if they started with 'New Spring' that might work. Also puts off the whole LotR comparison.

STARZ: From the show's Narg has watched(Outlander, American Gods, Da Vinci's Demons, Spartacus)  they can do HBO or AMC like shows and anywhere in between. They'd probably INO give the showrunner less direction on the sex, violence and language content than the first two. They also aren't shy about big budgets. So assuming Rafe Judkins wants to be as faithful as possible to the source material and not put his own spin on it, then they'd be a good fit.

STARZ though was taken over by Lionsgate and they seem to be pretty committed to adapting 'The Kingkiller Chronicles' for TV and Film. If that does get greenlit, it doesn't necessarily mean it would appear on STARZ but it's likely and it's highly unlikely they'd want another straight Fantasy show.

The CW: If you want a Wheel of Time show that focus's even more on the relationship drama in the books, really hot girls and brooding males, then the CW version of WoT is for you! If they give it the bugdet it needs, Narg can live with that. Judge away, Narg no care! Rand with hero hair FTW!


Ok, FX as a last resort mb.....

The best result of course would be Netflix or Amazon as both are willing to splash out on big budget shows and neither really only appeal to one demographic, so should allow the most creative freedom for the showrunner. Netflix does have 'The Witcher' series in development but given their size and business model they can do more than one fantasy show. Narg not giving up on them yet.

What say you?

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