The Daily Trolloc (1)

Narg has more love to give, so Narg branching out and posting more general Wheel of Time news. The Daily Trolloc is born! And no it isn't daily! Just sounds better than "The Weekly/Monthy/Whenever Trolloc".

Issue 1. (Art by Josh Hass)

The Wheel of Time TV Show

What we know: In the words of Team Jordan
Sony Pictures Television has signed a contract with executive producer Ted Field of Radar Productions (with whom Bandersnatch Group signed a contract last year) to develop a TV production of the Wheel of Time series.
Harriet is delighted that Rafe Judkins will be showrunner and lead writer of the series. As with the selection of Brandon Sanderson to finish the book series, Harriet found in Rafe a young artist with an abundance of talent and an abiding love for the series, having been reading the books since childhood. We have been assured that Rafe will have creative control over the television production, and he seems eager to consult with Harriet throughout the process.
New News: Not a peep since JordanCon back in April.

Related News: There was a mention of The Wheel of Time being in development with Sony in this news about a new AMC Show. Basically Radar is producing a show for AMC based on the book "Gang Leader for a Day".

Narg wrote something about which Network would be the best fit for The Wheel of Time show.
Narg thinks it's fair to say that whichever Network picks up the show and funds it will shape the direction and feel of the show to be inline with their demographic/psychographic or general style. For some networks this could be just small changes for others it could change the entire tone. included Wheel of Time in a list of 5 Fantasy TV Shows That Need To Happen.
The books also contain some of the politicking that made Game of Thrones so popular, although unlike in George R.R. Martin’s epic, this is arguably the least interesting aspect of the series.
Two dudes recapped(in 30 minutes!) what was announced back in April and waffled on about stuff.

An article was posted on about how to do the tv adaptation right. (some people get 404 error...the internet hates you)
I would like to state that I feel the inevitable comparisons to Game of Thrones are unwarranted. The only things these two fantastic series have in common are that they are both a part of the fantasy genre. And that's it. That's where the similarities begin and end. However, the comparisons are inevitable and I've included it in this post for the sole purpose of proving a point

General Wheel of Time News

If you are into podcasts, there be a new one to listen to:

A deep dive into the hidden meaning, identity, and motivation in the story of The Wheel of Time. Designed for readers who have finished the series and are looking for more understanding without memorizing all the different Aes Sedai.
They are currently making their way through The Eye of the World. Narg can't say if it's any good as podcasts aren't Nargs thing, but Narg has heard people say nice things about it, plus they did point Narg in the direction of this wickedly detailed World map(click link for zoom-able version). If you've ever wondered where the heck that village is...this be the map for you!

SYFY Wire did a whacky 5 minute recap of the entire series...Narg isn't sure what the point was...would totally spoil the books for someone who hasn't read them.

If you've got a hankering for Mistress al’Vere's Honeycakes, then The Mountains of Mist blog has got you covered.

These honeycakes will take you back to the Winespring Inn during easier times. When badgers ran amuck on the Green and goodwives tried to marry off any eligible bachelor. Enjoy their warmth and aroma while rereading your favorite book in the Wheel of Time series!
Wheel of Time and Terroism! Clicky to see big pictures so you can read.
A slightly crazy though amusing person posted a "The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time Similarities" vid to youtube.

Well that's it for issue one of The Daily Trolloc! If you think Narg should continue this give him a thumbs up. Narg retains the right to totally ignore humans who give him a thumbs down......suggestions also welcome.

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