New Wheel of Time Fan Film in the Works?

Narg was poking his nozzle around the webs and came across some tweets and stuff suggesting that a Fan made Wheel of Time short film or something of the like was being made. Here's what Narg found.

Which led Narg to Benita Robledo's facebook page where she said the following:
Last week, I made a childhood dream come true by acting and directing in a story I've always wanted to tell. I'm still dumbfounded that we pulled it off. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful to everyone who helped me bring it to life. Now excuse me while I rush off the editing room

Bryan Forrest also posted this pic to Instagram:

None of them responded to Narg's queries, so who wants to guess what part of the story they shot? We know it features at least one Trolloc and a Myrddraal, Perrin with his fancy Hammer, a female and is set in the woods. Any ideas??

Update: Narg didn't snoop deep enough. Here are some more photo's from the shoot.

Not entirely sure this is from the same shoot but Narg sees braids! Two Rivers Location?

Looks like an Aiel, a Warder(?) in the background and Narg sees a seven striped stole! 

Will it be as good or better than Flight from Shadow? Hopefully! Will it be better than Winter Dragon? Hard not to be.....! Will we get to see it? If the light wills it! Will Narg stop asking questions? Maybe!

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