Will the Real Narg Please Stand Up please Stand Up...

Narg has decided to commission some Wheel of Time fan art, as Narg feels there is not enough of the good stuff out there. Narg particularly feels that Narg himself has been underserved in this area and so Narg has started with a portrait of himself.

First off lets look at what's currently available to fans of Narg.


Ok these two are cool but Narg no have Horns! Narg no lie!


Narg see's a resemblance but not a fan of the haircut....to preppy


This is Narg after being on Jenny Craig for awhile. Way to scrawny. Narg Buff! 

Eye of the World Graphic Novel

Narg has better looking ears and is more fierce looking!

Understandably Narg not happy with the above to varying degrees, so Narg went in search of an artist that he could afford(Raiding villages isn't as lucrative as it once was). Narg came across this picture by Jackie Felix.

Narg could see himself with a few alterations in this picture and Narg really liked the style, so Narg contacted Jackie and arranged a commission and sent off a description.

Here is the description of Narg from the books: 
One of the Trollocs was getting to its feet. A wolf’s muzzle jutted out below sunken eyes. Flat, emotionless eyes, and all too human. Hairy, pointed ears twitched incessantly. It stepped over one of its dead companions on sharp goat hooves. The same black mail the others wore rasped against leather trousers, and one of the huge, scythe-curved swords swung at its side.
See no horns!!!
“Narg no hurt.” It took a step closer, gesturing. “You put sword down.” The dark hair on the backs of its hands was thick, like fur.
Jackie got to work and sent me a first rough draft.

Narg was like "Sure the Antlers look cool, as does the mace but they don't exactly fit the description". Narg chalked it up to Artistic licence and sent his suggestions back feeling optimistic. Next version.

Narg was blown away! Awesome background and fits a Blight setting perfectly INO. On closer inspection Narg saw a few flaws, right foot, position of sword in hand and a funky left ear. There is a strong resemblance to the original Orc picture, but Narg was ok with that as that's what he requested. Final version!

Narg the Trolloc

The Story: This be Narg posing in the Blight for a portrait after he heard he's going on a special ops mission deep behind enemy lines. He sent copies to all his lady friends. Narg not wearing his mail as the ladies like abs and the humidity of the blight makes it go all rusty. Narg hates cleaning his mail! He's also showing off his well turned calf which drives the ladies crazy!.

Ladies leave your numbers below and Narg will get back to you :D

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