Rumor: AMC and Sony Involved with The Wheel of Time TV Rights!

Just so it's abundantly clear, this is just another RUMOR, just like the AMAZON RUMOR.

Narg received the following email in his inbox: 
A friend of mine told me he has a friend who works at Sony who told him it's not Amazon but AMC that got the rights. I asked him to confirm and he said he would, but considering I told him Amazon and he said, No, it's AMC, and Sony's involved, too...well, I never mentioned Sony in any way, so he heard it first from his friend. Hope that helps.
The Amazon rumor was from a friend who worked at amazon and this one is from a friend who knows a friend who works at Sony. Narg advises viewing both rumors with skepticism. Given the complete and utter lack any official news on who actually acquired the rights, Narg is not going to say one rumor has more credibility than the other. We do now though have to conflicting rumors, so either someone's friend is talking shit, or Sony may have the rights but has been shopping around for someone to partner with them.

From Legal documents surrounding the slander case brought against Harriet by REE, we know that Harriet was flown out to meet with Sony regarding a TV adaptation. Sony being involved wouldn't be all that surprising. So what about AMC?

Narg did a bit of googling and came up with one connection between AMC and The Wheel of Time. AMC interviewed Brandon Sanderson 8 years ago about being picked to finish Wheel of Time. One of the questions was "Universal has optioned the series. Do you think it’s possible to make a movie of this scope?".

So not only was someone over at AMC interested in The Wheel of Time they also seemed to be thinking that WoT was to big in scope to work in movie format. Narg finds it odd AMC even interviewed Sanderson on their site but maybe they interview people all the time about stuff that has no relation to their shows?

Now would AMC be a good fit? Well they do have great shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Better Call Saul and  Into the Badlands. Do they have the budget? Well the first season of The Walking Dead was 3.4 million per episode which clearly isn't going to cut it and getting budget figures on recent shows like Into the Badlands is beyond Narg. AMC is known for being frugal which is a bit of a worry but if it's a co production with Sony that may help.

Season length? Well recent shows like Better Call Saul, The Son, The Terror and Into the Badlands(season 2) have had 10 episodes per season but other shows like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have had 16 and 15. AMC seems to start with a short first season to test things out before committing to longer seasons for expensive shows. Walking, Fear and Badlands all had 6 episode first seasons.

AMC wouldn't be Narg's first pick based on just budget reasons, but Narg would still be happy if it was them as they do put out some great shows.

So there you have it, another rumor, make of what you will.

Update: Narg has changed his mind. Narg now believes this rumor to be more credible than the Amazon one.

Update on the Update: While the Sony part turned out to be true, AMC are unlikely to be the network. Amazon are the clear favorite now.

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