A Message to Whoever Bought the Wheel of Time TV Rights

Narg has been dwelling on writing this post for a while now and Narg has finally decided to put his thoughts into words. Narg no wordsmith, but hopefully Narg will be able to make this post succinct and coherent. No promises though!

Please, whoever is writing or producing The Wheel of Time for Television, please do not try to make this a Game of Thrones clone. By clone, I mean adding sex, graphic violence, character deaths and making it darker just to pander to the GoT audience. Not only would it annoy a vast majority of the established fan base INO but it would be a betrayal to the way Robert Jordan wrote the WoT.

WoT has plenty of violence and darkness as it's written, Jordan just does not glorify it the way GoT does.  Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire uses sex and violence to entertain you. It's there to shock and titillate.

Jordan uses violence in a way that shows you the horror and consequences of violent actions and War. Changing that would fundamentally alter the story Jordan wrote.

As for sexualizing The Wheel of Time, well there is already nudity in there but unlike Game of Thrones it's not overly, if at all, sexualized. Please do not change that! The nude scenes do not need to be full frontal shots. Be classy and show restraint. Add some sex scenes if you must but present them in way consistent with the the tone of the books. The Marvel Netflix shows are a good example. We don't need to see tits and cocks to be entertained.

Character deaths. Martin makes you think a character is important then kills them to shock you*. Jordan's deaths are about sacrifice or redemption. They elicit different reactions, please bear that in mind.

Darkness. Well if you can't see that the series gets progressively darker inline with Rand's madness and the growing influence of the Dark One on the world, then there is no hope for you. aSoIaF only feels darker to some as it's unrelenting in it's death, violence and betrayal. Jordan has more lighter moments in between the dark stuff. Don't be a Darkfriend and cut the light out of the series!

Narg has rambled on enough, so in conclusion, if you try to make WoT more like GoT, you will betray Jordan's story and most likely produce a big whopping flop. The Wheel of Time is the biggest selling post Tolkien Epic Fantasy for a reason. Mess with it's tone at your peril!

*That's not a critic. Martin and Jordan's stories and the way they wrote them are fundamentally different. Martin keeps you guessing who the core characters are that are needed at the end of his story, Jordan is upfront about it.

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