Trollocs! How Do You Picture Them?

Trollocs and how they look, be it CGI or Prosthetic will/should play an important role in any TV production of The Wheel of Time. Among fans and artist who have drawn Trollocs there is a wide variety of how people actually picture them though. Narg thought he'd share a few of them and see if there is any consensus on which way the show should go.

Firstly this is how Trollocs are described in the books:
The others were much the same, even in their differences, a repulsive mélange of human faces distorted by muzzles, horns, feathers, and fur. Their hands, almost human, only made it worse. Two wore boots; the others had hooves.
The Trolloc was and is certainly large and powerful. Standing eight to ten feet in height they were stronger than either the human or animal part of their heritage and almost as fast as a horse.
Then, alone once more and seeking, he trotted ’round a corner and right into three Trollocs, each twice as wide as he and nearly half again as tall.
 Narg will start with one of D.K. Sweets efforts:

This is Sweet progressing from humans wearing animal helmets(tGH cover) to humans with animal heads wearing fancy helms. Not bad and this would save money as they'd only need to make head prosthetics and if they use tall body builders well it could work. Not ideal but it's cost effective.

Next up we have how they are pictured in the Graphic Novels which Jordan had input on.

They do match the description of being human faces distorted by animal features and they most likely are the best representation of how Jordan himself pictured them, but when Narg looks into a mirror, they aren't what he sees. Probably a bit more expensive to pull off than the Sweet version as more detail and variety would be needed plus leg/feet prosthetics.

Here are some more in the vain of the Graphic Novels:

Unknown Artist?

Now we move onto fan based depictions that would either require CGI or very detailed prosthetics.

Artist Unknown?

Artist Unknown?

As you can see fan depictions don't match up with what's in the books all that well, but they are INO way cooler. The question is can they be done well without blowing the budget, Narg says probably no chance if using CGI and you want it to be  A - list movie quality. There's a good section in this ARTICLE about CGI costs in regards to Game of Thrones

As for Prosthetics, well that can be pricey as well. This ARTICLE about The Hobbit movie shows it ain't cheap either. Imagine what the above Trollocs would cost!

Narg can't vouch for the accuracy of those costings but if they are within the ball park then we may be seeing this on our screens or really bad CGI.

The other option is to abandon a live action show and go with this:

Want to know more about Trollocs and what they can do? Visit this reddit post or The Wheel of Time Wiki.

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