Narg's Merchandise Line!

The Trolloc Flag Polo...Yes Trollocs play Polo...we're not barbarians!

Matrim Cauthon Pop Vinyl

Narg Hugs Rand Tee


Darkfriend Hoodie

Trolloc Jerky aka Leather Bookmark Range

Special Lettered Edition of The Eye of the World
(sent back in time to be signed by Robert Jordan)
(Only 52 copies!)
Sorry SOLD OUT! Some douches called Red Eagle Entertainment bought them all:(
They'll probably sit on them for years, then try to sell them for millions.

Khafit Throw Blanket

Send orders to:

Narg the Trolloc
c/o Bela the Horse
c/o Tamlin al'Thor
Emonds Field
Two Rivers
 Andor, 90210

Ta'veren Tees also has a nice selection of products, if you don't trust sending money to Narg....

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